MP3: Kid Cudi - Is There Any Love (feat. Wale)

I've been sleeping hard on Kid Cudi for quite awhile now. I peeped his and Wale's performance video from SSXW (see above picture) but that's Anyway, this track is hot fire and I peeped it as soon as Shake posted it so because I like 2DB so much I'm just keeping their link. "Is There Any Love" should be on Cudi's a KID named CUDI mixtape because it's produced by Emile and the mixtape itself comes courtesy of Plain Pat and Emile on July 17th. Also check iTunes for the Kid Cudi "Day N Night" single release. I think I covered about everything.

MP3: Danny! - The Groove

South Carolina emcee/producer Danny! finally released his studio album And I Love Her last Tuesday (and I had no idea until he hit me up), so to get you buy the record, I'ma throw you another free download. Danny's authorized to let me give you his self-produced joint "The Groove" and of course reminded me that while you can only cop right now at, it should be available on iTunes soon and physical copies in your local retail shop later on down the road.

VIDEO: Tanya Morgan Kyte TV - Lessondary Nose (LIVE)

I caught this over at Meka's spot although you can also find it at Donwill's mcdayjob. The guys of Tanya Morgan bought a Kyte phone last week and while I've noticed the new trend going around, I haven't really gotten into it yet. To my surprise, the video above features fairly good quality and a performance of "Lessondary Nose" with  Elucid, Che Grand, Spec Boogie, and Tanya Morgan's Von Pea. Check TM's MySpace for their new appearances as they've just agreed to join the Hieroglyphics tour.

VIDEO: Nappy Roots - Good Day (feat. Greg Street)

This video's been out for a minute, but I noticed OnSmash just put it up today. You should watch it. Because I still love Nappy Roots.

6.25.08: Lessondary is the New Wu

I guess I'm just really lucky. 

After double-checking with Che Grand and repeatedly asking him, "are you SURE you're on the bill with Wale AND Blu?!," I got my final answer with this dope flyer featured on elitaste. I spoke with my NY hosts and made the decision: the FF crew is heading to NYC to see Wale, Blu, Che Grand, AOK, DJ Getlive, Skillz, Peter Rosenberg, and Sucio Smash at SOBs on July 13. Let us know if you're gonna be there, we need new friends.

When speaking to Che before Monday night's show at the Knitting Factory that went TM-less, he triumphantly informed me that "Lessondary is the new Wu." Lesson-who? Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Spec Boogie, Elucid, A Brother Named George, Jermiside, and Brick Beats. (If I missed you, let me know in the comments and send me some new music.) Now let's say it again: Lessondary is the new Wu. Don't believe it? Click the first  link below.

MP3: Common - Announcement (feat. Pharrell)

Just the other day I was thinking, "when is Com gonna drop another track from the new album?" Then the news that the July release date of Invincible Summer had been changed to September hit and well, looks like this summer won't be so invincible after all. New FF comrade Shake just dropped this, so I thought I'd spread around the link a little.

VIDEO: Wale - The Artistic Integrity

Forgot to announce this when Mr. Elitaste reported that Wale shot a video with Rik Cordero last week. This is what I call a quick turnaround production-wise. Also starring Gbenga Akinnagbe from HBO's The Wire who also happens to be Wale's cousin. And in case you haven't yet, click here to download "The Artistic Integrity" and the rest of The Mixtape About Nothing.

MP3: The ELs - Live @ 89.3FM WPFW

Long story short I was over at Zo(!)'s crib right before I left DC and after I got an exclusive listen to the hottest EP of the summer (tied with TM's The Bridge), Zo! threw on some live radio ish with DC's finest hip hop jam band. The ELs consist of Asheru, Slimkat78, Mr. Hu, kush, and Zo! In my opinion, these guys plus Wale and Low Budget are the most talented (best) musicians in DC among all genres. 

Anyway, The ELs have played live on Blackademics, WPFW's premier hip hop radio show, three times. Here's two of those performances, each just over an hour long and jam-packed with dope hip-hop covers and freestyles. As far as Zo! goes, we'll have some more info on the aforementioned 80s EP very soon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I found the third one! Featured guests: Cool Cee Brown, Kev Brown, and Tabi BonneyHi Reemstarr! Shout out to Ill Street Grooves, I def. like what y'all are doing...

VIDEO: Mick Luter - How We Raised

I'm intrigued by this Mick Luter character. Not quite down with the name but I'll be back on July 1st with his new mixtape and you can decide from there. He's from Chicago, by the way.

VIDEO: Tyga on

Just got these sent to my inbox so I thought I'd post them. Tyga is making alot of noise with his single "Coconut Juice" and a new EP called No Introduction available on iTunes now. ...And he opened for Travis and them at GWU's Spring Fling 2008.

6.23.08: Praverb - Center of Attention

Do I usually listen to "religious" hip-hop? God no! (oops) Christian music, particularly of the hip-hop sub-genre, tends to get tossed aside amidst the gun-totting, white-slanging street rappers clouding the game. When VA rapper Praverb first got in touch with me, I had no idea he was a "holy" rapper. Even after we played his remix of Little Brother's "Dreams" on our short-lived Crank It or Spank It segment (whaddup Benson?!), I assumed he was just a regular, dope emcee. 

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Pra dropped a consistent, satisfactory full-length album with Center of Attention. His thought-provoking themes transcend the present-day hip-hop "standards" and Pra leaves the listener feeling refreshed with his old-fashioned spoken word. This is only the beginning for this aspiring artist. While there are some low points and weaknesses that may keep Praverb from reaching a larger audience, I'd like to say that I was here for mostly-impressive debut. Highlights include "Represent," "Dead 2 Sin," and "I Grind, You Grind." Also included is a new non-album track called "The King," which has been a part of my prestigious lawn-mowing soundtrack (I'll tell that story another day) over the past week.

Buy Praverb's Center of Attention on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, or Rhapsody. 

MP3: Wale - Hey...Mr. Carter

Wale @ Ibiza DC for the Nike event w/ Lil Wayne 1.15.08

I dug deep for the picture above (thank you to Georgetown Voice) because I wanted to pull back some memories from that hectic night at Ibiza back in January. Nonetheless, one performer put on a great show that night. (Clue: he's the one who DIDN'T sell a million records last week, but hopefully will this fall). While I don't really dig Lil' Wayne all that much, I have a general weakness for "Mr. Carter" and what he and Jay-Z did to that beat. I check elitaste this evening for my daily Wale, and boy was I in for a treat. (Mr. Weisman, how happy were you on Tuesday night?!)

MP3: Akrobatik - Celtics Championship Theme

Okay, so I got a confession for all you hip hop heads. Sure, I do the radio show out of DC and the Wizards are cool and all but...I'VE REPPED THE CELTICS SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN! 

That's why yesterday I was beyond hype. I copped Game 6 tickets and made the trip down to Boston for what would eventually become the championship clincher versus the L.A. Lakers. The 131-92 stomping of the West Coast team gave the Boston Celtics a 4-2 series victory and delivered the 17th banner to those who have been waiting 22 years.

In case you missed the recap, Boston emcee and huge C's fan Akrobatik recorded a quick verse in honor of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and the rest of the squad for his Sports Rap-Up segment on Jam'n 94.5. Thanks Ak!

MP3: AC - On My Way

FF alum AC is steady grindin' with some loose shots over the past few months. This one dropped today and is produced by Shatek. We're rooting for you homie!

DOWNLOAD: 88-Keys - Adam's Case Files

This is a dude who I've followed for quite awhile. Dating back to the late nineties with "Thieves in the Night" off the Blackstar album and a few cuts off 
Mos Def's solo effort Black on Both Sides, 88-Keys has been steady grindin' as one of hip hop's most underrated producers. He was recently scooped up
by Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music imprint and is set to release a full length album, The Death of Adam, this fall.

Along with the link to the mixtape, I've included a few bonus cuts.

DOWNLOAD: Nappy Roots - Cookout Muzik (Southern Smoke)

Let me tell it to you straight for a minute. 

I've been in one of those moods this week, you know, the "fuck hip hop" moods, where you sorta just wanna throw your hard drive out the window. My dude Hi-Fi knows all about this...I think I can count at least 5 instances over the past year where I've asked him about a new album and he's replied with "what the fuck Jamie, I don't listen to hip hop anymore." Oh. whaddup Wiggidies Crew?

So to get myself out the funk, I decided to give this brand new Nappy Roots mixtape some play on my iPod. Presented by Southern Smoke via DJ Smallz and Greg Street, Cookout Muzik is even hotter than the grill on the cover. Fish Scales, Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, and Big V. helped pull me into the hip hop game with their singles "Aw Naww" and "Po Folks," so I gotta pay my respect to these southern innovators. 

Download the mixtape in its entirety (with new tags) below, and check out  two new singles off Nappy Roots' new album, The Humdinger, due out on August 5th. 

VIDEO: Peter Rosenberg w/ Busta Rhymes

More Rosenberg for you, and Busta's working with Kev Brown?! Word!!

6.8.08: The Cool Kids w/ Che Grand & Dirty Water @ The Black Cat

DC, do me a favor. I can't make it out to this spectacular hip hop show tonight at The Black Cat, so I'm gonna need y'all to be there and be loud. My fambody Che Grand is opening along with Dirty Water (Joe and Cee, expect an email soon). And if you're into that kinda rap, The Cool Kids headline the joint put on by the MN8 folks. Click that Cool Kids link below to purchase tickets.

With special guests Che Grand & Dirty Water
9pm EST
June 8 2008
The Black Cat
14th & S St. NW
Washington, DC

DOWNLOAD: Donwill x SuhBURB - Suburban Sprawl

According to Donwill, this album (not a mixtape) began production in early 2006. Two years later, Suburban Sprawl is free for your download with Suhburb on the production and Tanya Morgan-emcee Dondub-definite providing the rhymes. It's possible you heard some of these tracks on DJ Low Key's Beat Thieves Vol. 2 and Mixing In Action, but overall, we have a ton of new, free music for you. 

Below is the album download (I kept your link Don), the video for "Night Time," and a few reminders that Tanya Morgan-associate Che Grand is still doing what he's doing. Call it a bonus gift, suckers.

VIDEO: Peter Rosenberg @ Summer Jam 2008

Usually I just leave these videos to eskay, but I've decided I'd start posting these Peter Rosenberg Hot 97/Flip Cam Diaries. This dude started in DC (College Park) and is an unofficial member of Low Budget. Let's just say I'm a fan.

In this episode, Peter goes backstage at Hot97's Summer Jam 2008 with Method Man, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Raekwon, Lil' Wayne, Wale, & more.