9.22.09: FF 049 - The Call-In Show

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Yesterday morning, I woke up a text message from my roommate. It read: "Front page [of the school newspaper] "Is Anyone Listening" LMAO." I had been anticipating this day - hoping that since GW Hatchet decided to feature our radio station, WRGW, on the front page, the coverage would help attract new listeners. Instead, the article was negative and somewhat distasteful.

For those of you that DON'T KNOW, Funkadelic Freestyles would not exist without the radio signal of which WRGW provides. And you might not know this either: I'm the station's hip-hop director, and I care deeply about ALL OF OUR programming. And I'll tell you this: I'm not going to let the GW Hatchet drive away our loyal listeners.

Pay close attention: tonight has to be a STATEMENT SHOW. I've dubbed it The Call-In Show - a spectacular 2 (maybe 3 hours) filled with live phone calls from artists, friends, and fans. (That last portion probably refers to you). Please flood the phone lines! The number is (202) 994-9749 - don't let it stop ringing!

FF 049: The Call-In Show
Hosted by jben.ok, Jay Promo, King Carter, Ravi Mongia & Unkle Scooty
Special Guest Co-Host Slump of UCB
With DJ Jerome Baker III
8:00-10:00pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
CALL IN! (202) 994-WRGW
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

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