DOWNLOAD: Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing

We've waited nearly 6 months for this one. The Wale mixtape with the Seinfeld theme. I worked a 12-hour shift today so I haven't been near a computer, but I'm finally around to post this up. I burned a copy right before I left for work and tried to listen on my break. So far, SO solid. There's an NYC release party tonight and a gig at Commonwealth in DC tomorrow. Congrats to the Elitaste crew for putting together a VERY dope mixtape. 

1. “The Opening Title Sequence” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
2. “The Roots Song Wale Is On” f. Chrisette Michele (produced by ?uestlove & James Poyser)
3. “The Feature Heavy Song” f. Bun B, Pusha T and Tre from UCB (produced by Best Kept Secret)
4. “The Freestyle (Roc Boys)”
5. “The Perfect Plan” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
6. “The Kramer” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
7. “The Crazy” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
8. “The Vacation From Ourselves” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
9. “The Remake of A Remake (All I Need)” f. Tawiah (produced by Mark Ronson)
10. “The Grown Up” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
11. “The Manipulation” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12. “The Artistic Integrity” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
13. “The Star”
14. “The Skit (Untz Untz)”
15. “The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (It’s The Remix baby!)” (produced by Osinachi)
16. “The Bmore Club Slam” (produced by Scottie B)
17. “The Chicago Falcon Remix” f. The Budos Band (produced by Mark Ronson & Eli Escobar)
18. “The Hype” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
19. “The End Credits” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
WALE: “special thanks to interscope for investing in the future of hip hop”

VIDEO: Kanye West - Flashing Lights (v 3.0)

It's funny though, because the three videos that have been released weren't anywhere near what I imagined "Flashing Lights" to look like on screen. Oh well, this one is the best so far anyway.

MP3: Common - Universal Mind Control (feat. Pharrell)

I waited on posting this until the NoDJ came through. (And it's worth noting that Skee and Reflex's drops are probably the least annoying, anyway) And yet I'm late because I've spent most of the day fighting food poisoning. (I promise, I'm done with the golden arches.) I'm still undecided with this track, but the album should be a pretty interesting end result with all the Neptunes production. I'm actually a little bothered that there's NO Kanye on the project, but hey, he was busy with The Carter 3, right?

MP3: New Wale, Cont'd

The first track from Wale features recent collaborator Skyzoo, but it's not Lyrically Inclined 2. Dope nonetheless, "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan" recalls memories of this. (I guess I'm too young for that?) Download is below.

The second track is a remix featuring Wale from fellow DC-cohort and Low Budget member X.O. (who was originally on the bill for the April GW Hip Hop Show.)  The song's called "Ridin'" and is smooth as hell. Join the movement!

ADDED TODAY: Another new one from The Mixtape About Nothing. It's called "Eye of the Tiger" and is produced by who else than the spectacular duo that is the Best Kept Secret. And before you ask, is the Rocky song in the...yeah, yes it is.

MP3: Wale - The Crazy (Plus Remix)

The new LRG ad w/ W.A.L.E.

The Mixtape About Nothing is on the way and set for a May 30th "download date." Click here for the "track listing" and be sure to pay a full visit to the Elitaste crew. Shouts to DW and Fly Ty for the heads up on this newest joint from MAN, "The Crazy," featuring a remix from The Fader's Nick Catchdubs.

VIDEO: Kanye West - Flashing Lights (v 2.0)

Apparently this is version 2 of 3. And version 3 is the (shitty) Rita G video. Some say this is fake, but it looks pretty legit to me. But who am I to say...

VIDEO: Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

Been waiting on this one. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Spec Boogie - Dollar Sign Language

Bed-Stuy's own Spec Boogie finally dropped his mixtape Dollar Sign Language with Digital Gravel last night. He kicks multiple stories over some of your favorite beats (M.I.A. stans, see track #3) but don't get it twisted, this isn't your Uncle Puff Daddy's remixes. If anything , they're all re-WORKS and you'll be asking yourself, how come Lil' Wayne ain't record "Shooter" like Spec?

Shouts to Vex for his Spec interview for FF's last show for 2007-08. And while I'm at it, what up Spec! Dope project! The Bed Stuy EP will be available for purchase on Digital Gravel in late June.

VIDEO: Jean Grae - Love Thirst (w/ Remix)

My favorite female emcee EVAR , Jean Grae, with Mr. (9th) Wonder. Is she really quitting hip hop? This video is so dope and shouts to Shake for putting it up. "Love Thirst" will be included on Jeanius, the long-awaited release from Jean and 9th dropping in stores on July 8th. So that's her last release? That's it?

VIDEO: Idle Warship - Fall Back (feat. Chester French)

Idle Warship (Talib Kweli + Res) with a message for Hillary,  featuring the Cambridge duo Chester French. Nah, I still haven't figured them out either.

5.21.08: Panacea's Ship Through Time

A Mind On A Ship Through Time...due Fall 2008.

The conceptual geniuses from the Washington DC hip-hop duo Panacea, K Murdock and Raw Poetic, will have another album in stores sometime this fall. Yesterday morning, the guys posted (on MySpace) a brand new song from the forthcoming album, A Mind On A Ship Through Time, called Orange Penicillin. Here's the story behind this moving, powerful joint:

This song is the most personal song for me, K-Murdock, as it contains candid audio clips of the man who inspired me to get into radio and subsequently music, my late uncle Melvin Lindsey who died of AIDS when i was but 13. Me and Raw P decided it was time to put that up due to the recent passing of his grandma (R.I.P. Lutie Moore), so i believe this is a song anyone who has lost someone can relate to, so check it when u can.

A Mind On A Ship Through Time comes on the heels of 2007's The Scenic Route (which I ranked as the #10 album of 2007, should have been MUCH higher). In case you're just getting acquainted with Panacea, here's a few links to speed up the process. If all goes well, we'll have "Orange Penicillin" up here for stream at the end of the week.

MP3: J-Live - The Upgrade (feat. Oddisee and Posdnous)

Whew! Finals are over and I'm back home (but I miss DC...have fun at Erykah/The Legendary, y'all). We're starting work on the official website soon, but until then, I'll be blogging as usual. 

I know this one is sorta old (in the internet realm), but it's stayed on repeat ever since Oddisee showed it to me  last month. I really got into J-Live when I first heard Jazzy Jeff's The Return of the Magnificent and J killed the Allen Iverson-inspired track. It wasn't the first time I'd heard J, but definitely the first time I really committed to his music. So this track has become a no-brainer favorite because: 1) Pos of De La Soul absolutely shuts down the last verse 2) Oddisee is INCREDIBLY underrated as an emcee (but this doesn't mean his beats don't bang) and 3) J's new album? May 27th, 2008. Go cop.

5.2.08: Closing Shop

'Cept it's not like I'm going fishin'

It's that time of the year. Being a college student AND a radio show host is rather difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining this blog. But I started this ish back in November, thinking nobody would read it. We started to get our name out, we gave you new interviews, and most importantly, we provided y'all with some new music. (But seriously, if y'all haven't heard the Oddisee show yet, you missed like 20 unreleased beats) Thank for y'all coming through, and let your friends know about us. 

So it's finals week, and there's pretty much no way I can be updating the blog during a hectic time like this. (I need to pass with flying colors if y'all want me to continue the Funkadelic Freestyles radio show, via WRGW Radio!) As soon as it's all done, I'll be on a plane going home (to Maine, can you believe a hick like me is repping DC now?) and I'll begin work on launching the OFFICIAL new website, which should be up and running before September 1st. 

In the meantime, I will continue updating the blog and you'll probably see the first new post around May 13. Again, there ain't gonna be big changes until at least August, but you'll most likely see a comprehensive post including ALMOST all the interviews we've done this year. You can get reacquainted, caught up, or maybe even newly introduced. 

I started the blog and joined the radio station because I truly have a love affair with this thing called hip hop. I'm absolutely blessed to be living in Washington, DC and so very close to some of the most talented cats to do it (shouts to Wale, Low Budget, Tabi, Panacea, & Zo!). I promise to bring y'all more guests, more concerts, and more brand new music. And if you're in New England at all this summer, drop me a line. We're working on getting some shows up north during the summer and you can best believe I'll be doing interviews everywhere I can. 

So farewell for a little while, and many daps are due for my co-hosts, Nyadenya and Vex Blizzy. Respect for my dude The Great White Mark, and a thank you to Nathan and Eric for putting up with my geeked-out stories all year. A special thanks goes out to Nomi and Caroline at the radio station for REALLY putting up with my shit (but are y'all even reading, anyway? lol) Peace and see y'all back on the innanets on May 13th.