Funkadelic Freestyles asked Murs for five minutes, and he gave us ten. This is sort of like the time I asked for two scoops of ice cream but they gave me four. Although, I'm pretty sure this interview was a lot more satisfying than those frozen chocolate scoops from heaven. Anyway, from Rock The Bells Boston 7.26.08, let's go:

I want to start it off with an offbeat question. You’re the best storyteller I know in terms of emceeing. If you don’t mind, tell us a ridiculous story from a recent tour experience.

Every show I have this song called
“The Pain” or “The Rain,” and during the breaks at every city I make out with a girl sitting in the front row. And in one city, the girl was gorgeous and beautiful and afterwards she walked up to me and kissed me again. I love it when women are forward, so I was like “cool” and I ended up flying her out to the tour and hang out with me. We were having a great date and she was a wonderful human being, one of the best girls I’ve ever dated, and I go to get on the bus and I’m just in bliss, I’m in heaven. Then some kids come up and they’re like “yo, what the fuck, you’re supposed to be on right now.” I’m saying, “that’s got nothing to do with me, man,” but they’re banging on the bus really hard so I pushed the door open and said ‘what the fuck, yo…I will fucking kill you, don’t fucking do that!” I’m like, “stop, that’s not polite; I don’t care what’s going on outside unless the bus is on fire, I have to pay for this if you dent it motherfucker.” They’re saying, “we don’t give a fuck, you’re supposed to be on.” I’m like, “are you serious?!” They started to run away as I got back on the bus and I’m like, “go talk to the dude who took your money, I didn’t take your money, go get your money back if you don’t want to wait.” My friends of mine were on there and they were doing a good set, and I’m there, I’m about to go on.

So I get dressed and I go on stage, and as I’m walking back to the stage with my new date, I’m trying to get back to cloud nine, my homebody whose handling the tour says, “good set, y’all we’re killing it…good to see you, sorry about your bus.” I’m like, “sorry about the what?!” Then I look and they had slashed both of the tires on my tour bus. That’s $1500 a tire on a tour where I was already losing money. So I go in and say, ‘fuck it.” I take it in stride, that’s just life, you can’t roll over and die. So when I go out on stage to perform, the motherfucker who slashed the tires has the nerve to walk to the front of the stage through the crowd and start flipping me off. Needless to say, it ended with some violence – I don’t hit anyone anymore. Some things happened and I had some pretty nice fans who had my back, so he got what he deserved. Next day I was late to my show in Chicago because I spent four hours at some truck stop paying $3000 to get both tires fixed. That’s a tour story. The girl’s beautiful but we don’t date anymore, she’s still, you know…

Alright, let me move on. Paid Dues, was it successful? I mean, you had a whole festival on your shoulders.

Successful? Everyday that you breathe is a success. So yes, it was successful. Did I get rich? No. Did the kids have fun and maybe tell some more kids to come next year? Yes, that’s successful and everybody got home safely, that’s my main thing.

You talk about success, and you got to be at Paid Dues with all those great artists. A lot of people I interview tell me that they do hip-hop but it’s all about business, it’s not about loving the genre anymore. What is it for you?

I do business with Warner Brothers; I don’t do business with my fans. I mean, we do business because fans buy their music directly from me, but there’s things you do for the love and there’s things you do for the money. I’m just happy that I what I love makes me money. I mean, to me I’m smarter at business than a lot of rappers, and those are the ones who claim to be in it for the money and if you’re in it for the money then you should be doing a lot better business. I don’t know, man. All I can say is that I’m blessed to be able to make money at something that I love.

Speaking of money and speaking of Warner Bros., Murs For President is coming out and you’ve also got the free download, Sweet Lord, with 9th Wonder. Murs For President is your major label debut. What can we expect and are you really trying to be president? I know, dumb question.

Yeah, I’m trying to lead hip-hop in the right direction. These motherfuckers are very stupid and very ignorant. They don’t know their ABCs or their grammar. But it’s gonna be a big record, it’s gonna sound bigger. It’s like if you’re a film fan, Kevin Smith made
Clerks and then he made Clerks 2. This is my Clerks 2. I get to create the movies, I don’t just have to reference it now; I can bring the movies to you. I like dancing and I hate having to go somewhere and listen to somebody say some bullshit while I dance. If I can make something that girls can dance to and we can rap to and not feel stupid…see there’s no Jay-Z or Nas of the west coast. All we have is Ice Cube; there’s no one that we have that people respect as a lyricist and a pop rapper. I’m trying to fill that void where as [people can say] “oh he’s nice, but he also has that one song I like to listen to in the club.”

There’s really deep five-minute songs with no hooks on the album. One song describes the origin of hip-hop and how it connects to slavery, the C.I.A. crack conspiracy, into Sedgwick and Cedar with
Kool Herc.

This is all in one song?

One song, so I’ve still got crazy shit like that but then I’ve got a song with where we’re gonna have fun; let’s dance with some girls and feel on somebody’s butt.

Because you’re bridging the gap?

Yeah, like
Black Eyed Peas…but not.

Will there be a third Murs and Slug album, and who are you dedicating it to?

No one will ever know who the tribute is for. You’ll know when it comes out.

Who are your favorite new artists, and is there anyone on Rock The Bells who you’d consider collaborating with?

I’m trying to get into this hipster hop thing, man; I think that’s the future of hip-hop. It’s what the kids are doing. Hip-hop is about being young and different and right now it should be about getting away from sampling because we’ve been trying to make money for a lot of these old artists. I think it’s something we can come back to later but a lot of these publishing houses don’t respect us; I’ve had to clear about $200,000 in samples. They want 90% of your publishing but I’m just like, “yo, come on man. If I wasn’t sampling this record, you wouldn’t be making any money.” I also think the new hipster-electro shit encourages black kids to play instruments and black kids need to get back to being musical so we can join the rest of the world and elevate world music on the whole. By sampling old music, we’re not doing anything new or forward. 9th chops shit, but if we learn how play shit without chopping samples, we could come up with different arrangements; I think we can advance. I’m really excited, though. [The hipsters’] energy is more like my onstage energy. A lot of the regular rappers, they’re too cool for hip-hop. But if you go to a
Spank Rock show, everybody’s moving. When I get off stage, I’m soaked and I’m sweating and the kids are having fun.

That’s what I want to be a part of, so I want to collaborate with some of these kids and help validate them so no one can say that the older kids are hating on them. No one validated our indie movement; nobody from the old school came and said, “oh Murs we’re gonna get on a song with you.”

No hardcore co-signs or anything like that, huh?

Hell no. Never in my life…I’ve busted my ass for everything. Ironically, I’d like to help [the younger generation]. I needed some help; I wish
DJ Quik or Snoop Dogg had said, “hey, he’s dope.” At least [Talib] Kweli had Jay-Z and he vouched for Common. Honestly, I’ve been dope my whole life doing something new and different, representing the west coast but nobody ever reached out. Instead of being bitter about it, I’m making sure I’m reaching out to kids like Tyga or whoever wants to be down. If they want to work, let’s work. I’m just down to work.

Alright, Murs. So the album is out when?

September 30th.

And Sweet Lord is on the internet right now for free download.

Why’s it free?

The people kept asking for it, man. Especially so people will stop thinking I do this for money. I don’t do any of this for money; I could have made a lot of money on Sweet Lord. I’m accepting donations right now because I did spend $5000 mixing and mastering, but if I don’t ever make my money back I don’t care. I didn’t go to Warner Bros. for the money, I went there to use their money to create bigger sounds and make more music. To get the word out to these kids who are forced to watch MTV that’s there real hip-hop out there. It’s not about me making money, so hopefully this [whole label situation] proves to be right. This is something I could have sold you guys; 50-70,000 of my core fans would have bought [Sweet Lord] before they bought Murs For President. I was like, “here, take it so you understand I’m not here for your money.” I’m a musician and I’m here to entertain.

VIDEO: Big Boi - Something's Gotta Give (feat. Mary J. Blige)

I kept this song on repeat when it first dropped a few weeks ago even with Skee and Reflex drops all over it. On a completely unrelated note, I hope Ludacris makes a video for "Bigg Ass House." See how fucking random I can be on early Thursday mornings? And I'ma be up at 8am to catch that USA basketball game, too.

INTERVIEW: Young Chris

In addition to my regular gig at WRGW Radio and the new site launching next month, I'll also be contributing interviews for, the home of everything Wale and more. What a perfect time to interview Young Chris, who just put out two new tracks with Wale. Here's a brief preview, but click the link for the full thing.

Let’s briefly discuss the old Roc-A-Fella days. A few months ago, I was told a hilarious story regarding Beanie Sigel and how he used to surprise others in the Roc-A-Fella office by punching them in the chest as they rounded the corner. Can you elaborate on that at all? 

Of course, see sometimes you were getting punched in your mouth or in your chest because people play with you, so you’ve got to show them that you’re still from the streets. They don’t know we’re starving out here; it’s real out here. I’m always going to stay in touch with the hood, but I don’t know if some people forget where they come from when they get to a certain status or what. Everybody talks like it’s family but they don’t really reach back. A dude’s adrenaline will be pumping and you get to the point where you just want to do something to one another just to show them it ain’t a game, it’s real out here. I get locked up for a little 24 hours and come home to punch you in your mouth. You’ve got to let people know it’s real because they play with your money, play with your records; [the label] is holding my record back right now!

MP3: Termanology - How We Rock (feat. Bun B)

I know, I know. I'm over two days late with this song but for those of you who haven't heard it or weren't convinced enough to download it, I'm telling you this shit knocks. DJ Premier is on the beat for Term's first single off his new LP, Politics As Usual, due out in September. If you're in the Boston area this Friday (8/1) do yourself a favor and head over to the Middle East downstairs for Reks' Grey Hairs album release party, featuring Termanology, Akrobatik, O.V.M., Lucky Dice, Granite State, and Blak Madeen. The whole function is hosted by DJ Statik Selektah and you can get in for just 15 dollars. Check this dope feature on Reks here.

7.28.08: Rock The Bells Boston Recap

Okay, so first off: a huge thank you to the people at MSO and SanDisk. While I can't vouch for the onstage happenings, everything behind the scenes at Rock The Bells Boston was picture perfect. Expect to see interviews with Jay Electronica, Murs, and B.o.B. within the next few days, although I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to transcribe them. To all of you wondering (especially those of you at OKP), Jay Electronica is a humble, intelligent individual who seems incredibly focused. B.o.B. is young (my age), but you can already tell he'll be an entertainer for the rest of his life. Murs is as real as he is via the speakers, and as soon as I post up the interview you'll be able to tell why. 

Random notes: dead prez ended up doing a 20-minute plus interview with, shouts to Ian and look for that soon...Raekwon was by far the funniest dude there, 'nuff said...DJ Semtex was by far the most focused press member there, although Green Lantern comes in a close second with all the shit he was doing for Karma Loop, shouts to KL Boston...Mos Def's set was one of the only performances I caught and the new music from The Ecstatic sounds dope, fuck what you heard...Speaking of new music, elitaste was in the house (I can't say anything beyond that, lol)...Redman was hil-ar-ious, check for his interview on soon...Jay Electronica says Act II and Act III are on their way, seriously...Pete Rock was in the house, DJing for Method and Red among others...The hipster stage was bizarre, I'm not even positive if Spank Rock/Amanda Blank were even there...The Cool Kids made a brief appearance backstage, but their only interview was with Semtex...Kidz in the Hall were M.I.A....I didn't even stay for Nas and ATCQ, you mad?

MP3: Young Chris - Large (feat. Wale)

I'm really starting to like Young Chris again. Like, I bump the Young Guns' "No Better Love" whenever it hits satellite radio (and trust me, it happens quite a bit), so it's a pleasure to keep getting new tracks from dude. And this joint "Large" is much better than the "Whole Time" joint I posted a few days ago. 

MP3: Rhymefest - Plugg City (feat. Little Brother, Twone Gabz, & Slum Village)

And now that I got that DJ Khaled fix out of my system, I'ma follow it up with another feature-heavy track. This time, there's no need to defend my questionable tastes because these dudes right here are family. Rhymefest, Phonte, Big Pooh, Twone Gabz, T3, and Elzhi come together for the first "high quality" version of this track I've heard since the same song appeared as "GET PLUGGED" on DJ Dub's Good Clothes mixtape last summer. And because I want y'all to go buy Zo! & Tigallo's Love The 80's EP, I've included the newest episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio with DJ Brainchild and Phonte stressing y'all to do the same.

VIDEO: DJ Khaled - Out Here Grindin' (feat. Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil' Boosie, Ace Hood, & Trick Daddy)

There are way too many LMAO moments in this video. Khaled rescuing Boosie from the fire? Plies with chains in some random high rise? Akon's unbelievable swag and Khaled's liquor promo near the end of the song? NOW I realize why entertainers like these exist...otherwise, we'd have nothing to laugh at....

VIDEO: Reks - The One

I didn't know about this one...but Reks' sophomore album Grey Hairs is officially in store today!

7.17.08: (Hear)ing Double

Wale x UCB 7.13.08 @ SOBs NYC

"Ain't no one listen to Funkadelic Freestyles anyway!" It's not like I've actually heard that statement before (at least not to my face, lol), but I sorta feel like someone might throw that my way after hearing this new Wale/Young Chris collab. To keep the story short, the first verse on this "Whole Time" joint is the same verse Wale spit on our radio show all the way back in September of last year. I've included the newest record and the 9.07 "freestyle" over the very popular "Oh No" beat, plus a brand new track off Rhymefest's forthcoming album El Che, featuring the DC ambassador.  Hi Dan, Shake, and Andrew...without them y'all wouldn't have these links.

MP3: Mickey Factz - We Ain't (feat. Tanya Morgan)

Shouts to Richard Louissaint

I hope Von puts up liner notes for this joint along with the details he's shedding about Tanya Morgan's newest release, The Bridge EP. As far as I know, Mickey Factz still doesn't have an album but he does have this dope weekly music series called The Leak. Week #30 brings us Von, Don, & Mickey blacking out on a song called "We Ain't," plus our second Robin Thicke rework of the day. And because Tanya Morgan is on tour with Hieroglyphics and I still haven't figured out how Portland, Maine got to host some of the best independent music out there, I've included a video of the group performing the title track from their aforementioned EP. Check the tour dates on the TM Myspace, if you haven't already.

MP3: Robin Thicke - Magic (Remix feat. Tabi Bonney)

This is a blind listen post - as in I haven't even opened the mp3 I'm about to share - but any blind listen post is probably a good post, because it usually takes me awhile to approve things that are sent to me. This is Robin Thicke's new single with a remix twist from DC's hippest entrepreneur (Wale might have the attention of the NY hipsters, but he doesn't have this), Tabi Bonney. Tabi is a genuinely good dude, but it was only recently that I actually got into his music. Check the picture above and note that Tabi pulled a Busta (sorta) by shaving his head, and take note that that was a completely unrelated comment.

VIDEO: Point Blank - God Only Knows (feat. Mark McKay)

So I'm absolutely furious right now because I had already made this post but once I clicked publish Blogger automatically logged me out. (No offense guys, but I can't wait till I launch the actual FF site with WP at the end of August.) Anyway, I'm gonna keep this short because I have some other shit to throw up on here before I go out tonight...

Point Blank is a Canadian hip-hop group that's been around since 1989 (and I'm just getting to know y'all?!) and consists of six emcees plus one house producer - Imperial, Trouble, Stump, Kidd, RPD, Jackal, & Pikihed. Paul from KOCH Entertainment pointed me in the direction of these guys and I will admit that I after I watched the video for their new single, "God Only Knows," I was thoroughly impressed. Even more impressive: the video for their previous single, "Born and Raised in the Ghetto," featuring archival footage of Point Blank's original neighborhood and North America's largest and oldest government housing project, Regent Park in Toronto. Enjoy the extras at the bottom and I'm crossing my fingers for this crew to visit DC in the fall.

Point Blank's new self-titled album is in stores August 19th on Tilt Rock Records.


I wasn't really planning on posting this but I changed my mind for two reasons:
1. Murs is one of my favorite rappers EVAR. Scribble that down and quote me on it. He has a FREE EP coming out with 9th Wonder shortly before he drops his newest full-length, Murs for President.
2. Beginning at the 1:58 mark, you get about 30 seconds from the 2007 MTVU Woodie Awards featuring a presentation from Slug, Murs, & former Funkadelic Freestyles host The Great White Mark. GWM, I've been looking for that footage for quite some time!

VIDEO: Farnsworth Bentley - Everybody (feat. Kanye West, Andre 3000, & SA-RA)

The second of the two videos I just posted comes from a song that I used to rock quite a bit (even though it was in horrible quality). As eskay lamented earlier, no one would be posting this video without 'Ye and 3 Stacks. I mean, c'mon!

VIDEO: AC - New Soul

I know a lot of people who are very pleased with this song - mainly because it has that Yael Naim "sample." And AC, I know you're mad at me for losing that interview, but I'm rooting for you to win.

DOWNLOAD: Mick Luter - The Lesson (Mixtape)

With a sincere thank you to Andrew over at Fake Shore Drive, here's Mick Luter's new mixtape The Lesson. Becca the Promo Mami hyped me to Mick a few weeks ago which prompted me to post his newest music video. That day I promised you I would post The Lesson mixtape on July 1st, but this afternoon (July 14th) was the first time I saw it anywhere...(but just download it, okay?)

P.S. No tags on the one that I DLed from FSD, so I retagged the whole thing + added the album artwork. Peace!

MP3: Praverb - Hip Hop Legacy & Re-Intro

That guy hiding behind the book up there...that's VA emcee Praverb. I did a little mini-review of his album awhile back plus dropped a few songs off the project. He's shot me a few emails recently regarding some songs that were merely floating around - older tracks that were begging to be released - and I'm finally getting around to posting them. Hit the links below and throw in a comment to let us know what you think...

VIDEO: Blu & Che Grand Freestyle @ SOBs

*Sigh* So I wasn't in NY last night due to travel difficulties, but I did get the chance to make it down to Boston to chill with the homie Reks and sit in on some studio sessions with him and his super-producer, Blaze P. On the way back I popped in Reks' new album, Grey Hairs, and my jaw literally dropped all the way to the ground. Go cop that on July 22nd!

Anyway, here's some footage of last night's Wale/Blu/Che Grand/Skillz (?) show at SOBs in Manhattan. Word is Che didn't really get to perform because of some sound difficulties bullshit, but Blu insisted they rock together onstage during his own set. (Cool.) Spotted over at Frank's spot and big shouts to dreamchasers

VIDEO: L.G. Project & Craig G - Sick Day

I'm glad that the homie Dean got back at me with the video for his newest single under his production name Lidget Green Project (LGP). This one's titled "Sick Day" and it features the legendary Craig G. Check the previous for LGP's first single and unofficial video with Guilty Simpson.

PERSPECTIVE: Hi-Fi on the Jesse Jackson Controversy

I used to be a really big nas fan until this popped off. How can he come out and dis one of the men responsible for him being able to be where he is today? Nas claims that we, as a black community have people like Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and TI to take the place of an iconic figure like Jesse Jackson, so are we attempting to replace a message of Keep Hope Alive with that of Suryp sippin, white girl slanging, illegal assault rifle purchasing, if so count me out. I understand that what the Rev. said was not OK, but in a way he is right about the black community being talked down to and to go even further taken for granted. 

Instead Nas would like all of us to focus on "gettin our paper" as he puts is, when that is the very same attitude that has caused our people to wage war on one another, I live in chicago and two people were slain a block away from my house last night over "paper." If anything what we need right now is Jesse Jackson's message of Hope and understanding so the rappers that NAs speaks of as replacements dont warp the minds of our youth with their idolatry's for 'the material wealth and other things that don't shape who we are as a people.


VIDEO: Mambo Sauce - Welcome to DC

Holy shit, I miss DC! The visuals are actually pretty ill....I haven't spoken to any of the members in quite a bit, in fact if I'm not mistaken it appears there's been some more lineup changes. But if y'all are reading this, whaddup! and see you this fall.

MP3: Reks - Stages

Term and R-E-K-S

When I moved to DC, I told myself I wasn't gonna lose my allegiance to Boston and New England. Sports-wise, that worked. The Celtics won the championship and I got to be there to witness it. As far as hip hop went, it wasn't until my former co-host Nyadenya let me know that his brother was Lucky Dice, a close friend of Statik Selektah and a member of his extra-ordinary team of emcees, did I actually decide to give Massachusetts hip hop a chance. The guy on the left up there, his name is Termanology. Last year was a huge year for Term, so you should at least know about his various joints with DJ Premier. But the guy on the right, don't feel too bad if you haven't heard of him. Reks has been grinding for a minute now but he really hasn't received the shine that he's deserved. His new LP Grey Hairs comes out July 22nd, and there's some groundbreaking music on that joint. I'ma stop typing this diary shit and break you off with another new track off Grey Hairs (PRODUCED BY LARGE PROFESSOR)...go cop that!

MP3: Zo! & Tigallo - Human (feat. Carlitta Durand)

Yessir! The Zo! and Tigallo (Phonte of Little Brother) cover project Zo! and Tigallo Love The 80s was scheduled to drop tomorrow...but I see no indication of its release anywhere. I'll have to get up with Zo! soon enough, so expect some news in the coming days. Until then, they've provided you with another chance to preview the EP, with a cover of Human Nature's "Human."

VIDEO: Reks - Say Goodnight

I got a text message about this video at about 1am last night and was too gone to come home and post it. Check Reks in the July issue of XXL with T.I. on the cover. Grey Hairs in store July 22nd!

7.2.08: The Headlines

Vote for Tor.

DJ Low Key   Charts 6.24.08

VIDEO: Asher Roth - Roth Boys

Here's a quick fact about me: I'm white and I don't usually like white rappers...especially if they sound like Em. So when I first heard Asher Roth, I sighed and made it about 8 tracks into his Don Cannon/DJ Drama mixtape until I finally said, "hmm...well some new Wale leaked, I'll just listen to that instead." Fast forward 2 weeks to this morning and I'm bored as shit. I find the video above on OKP and I'm pleasantly surprised. I mean, it was a pretty funny and intelligent take on the OG Roc Boyz video. Go ahead, press play.

7.1.08: The Headlines

Instead of copying the headlines for most of the day, I thought I'd highlight the newest joints and where they appear in a full list compiled sometime after 5pm each day. Expect changes with the format, and be sure to leave feedback...If you want your blog added to our links section, email us at the gmail account. We'll show love!

Muhsinah   VBlog: UMB-AH!

DOWNLOAD: DJ Statik Selektah - The Champs Are Here Vol. 3

A friend of the show, Statik Selektah, was SUPPOSED to be on the show back in the month of April. Was I mad at him because he was too busy smoking and recording with Consequence in the studio? Helllll no. There is some argument going on about how's the best producer in the game right now. Let me avoid that question by simply saying Statik is the most CONSISTENT producer in the game at the moment. 

Anyway, Statik put together another solid line-up of Boston hip-hop artists with this little ode to the Celtics' 17th championship. I still love typing those three words. Featured on the tape is the homie Reks (we will make that Maine show happen!) and his buddies Termanology, Lucky Dice, & Big Shug. Be sure to check for #4, Reks and DJ Premier with "Say Goodnight," if you haven't already.