MP3/VIDEO: Wale - Brandy of the Damned (Ronson Remix) x Chillin' & Pretty Girls (Live)

I'm posting this video of Wale from HipHopOfficial because it gives you two pretty great previews of two new songs, "Chillin'" and "Pretty Girls." "Chillin'" is the first single featuring Lady Gaga and produced by Cool and Dre, which should be on the internets by next week. "Pretty Girls" features Tre of UCB, who is seen onstage with big homie in the clip above.

UPDATE: Turning this one into a combo post with a little more specification regarding the video footage. Added the Mark Ronson/Wale remix to "Brandy of the Damned," a song from a new project called Nickel Eye from Nikolai Fraiture, the bassist from The Strokes (who used to be one of my favorite bands). Warning: this isn't music for the hip-hop lover. This is new indie rock ish. Shouts to the home base, elitaste.


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First of all, shouts to DJ M.A.F. and his Facebook for that picture above. Ajani Truth (monster photographer) was also in the joint, as well as King Carter with his digital you should see some additional pictures soon. But hey, last night wasn't really about the visuals. Sonically, we took it up another notch. We introduced to you to our new in-house/resident DJ, Jerome Baker The 3rd. Jerome works at Stussy DC with King Carter and is known for killing crowds across the city (with sounds, of course). 

Seeing as that the tables were out, it only made sense to have DJ M.A.F. pull off an extra live set. Featuring his own blends and remixes with music from Kid Cudi, Wale, Jim Jones, and more. Feel free to download the 14 minute mix on its own. Also be sure to grab the 1st and 2nd hours of the show (actually only about 45 minutes each) for Jerome's superb mixes and commentary from Jay Promo, King Carter, and myself. Peep the new stream feature! [SHOUTS TO MODI]

FF 033 - Part 1 [stream]

FF 033 - DJ M.A.F. Live Set [stream]

FF 033 - Part 2 [stream] (coming soon!)

2.24.09: FF 033 - DJ M.A.F.

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It's been a rather quiet week here in Washington, DC (disregard those Mos Def shenanigans from last night), and I'm getting bored. It's all work, no play. I've got a long 2.5 weeks until midterms are over, but not enough time to hit spots like Pure and the 930 Club. So I'll continue what I've been doing for over a year now - stay close to campus and host the Funkadelic Freestyles radio show. It sounds monotonous the way I said it, so let me clarify: we're constantly evolving. We are NOT your typical internet, college, underground radio. We've got quality music, discussion, and interviews. With that said, our next step is adding an in-studio DJ. You'll have to wait until 8pm EST tonight to meet him.

At 9pm, we'll sit down with VA's DJ M.A.F., who has toured the world (I just found this out yesterday) playing gigs and building a rep. He's Strange Music's (Judah, RAtheMC) resident DJ, and he's pretty ill with the blends. If you thought that wasn't enough, he's also a producer! (Ask my cohost Akhil, he battled him at Inner Loop last month) Before we get to Mr. M.A.F., we'll have our new mystery DJ spinning the newest in independent and progressive hip-hop. And of course, we're bringing back our two week-old segments - The Jank-Off and Web Picks

FF 033
Featuring musical guest DJ M.A.F.
Hosted by jben.ok, Jay Promo, Adrian & Akhil
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

DOWNLOAD: RAtheMC - Are You Not Entertained? (Mixtape)

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I'm back with a brand new mixtape from DC's RAtheMC, who has taken the term female rapper to a whole new level. She's been on a plethora of projects - including "Get Me (feat. Fred Knuxx, Balance, & Wordsmith)" and "Game Set Point (feat. Wordsmith, Unlearn, Skyzoo, & Donny Goines)," which are both included on this mixtape. Be sure to check for the additional features from Theophilius London, Fresh Daily, and Grinch. The tape is mixed by DJ M.A.F., who will be our guest on tonight's Funkadelic Freestyles radio show. Shouts to Judah, whose spot you should visit soon.

1. We Suffer (feat. Theophilius London) [prod. by Neako]
2. Knew You Were A Star...
3. Imperfection
4. You Can't Win
5. Let's Talk About It (feat. Fresh Daily) [prod. by Judah]
6. Get Me (feat. Fred Knuxx, Balance, & Wordsmith) [prod. by Judah]
7. Tight Mouth Rap [prod. by Judah]
8. Brenda (feat. Grinch) [prod. by Judah]
9. Fantasy [prod. by Go Getta Productions]
10. HipHopGame Thingy
11. No More [Can't Settle] (feat. Grinch] [prod. by Judah]
12. Game Set Point (feat. Wordsmith, Unlearn, Skyzoo, & Donny Goines) [prod. by Street Level]

DOWNLOAD: Lyriciss - The Day Job (Mixed by Qaptain Kwess)

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Here it is folks; the new mixtape from our buddy Lyriciss. Featuring appearances from Nando., Pro'Verb, Deron, & Mouse, along with production from the Equinox Professionals and AB The Producer. The podcast from Tuesday's show featuring Lyriciss should be up later on today (Friday).

1. Voice Of The Metro (Intro) [prod. Arafat Yates of M1 Platoon]
2. Welcome To Me [prod. Equinox Professionals]
3. Go Hard (f./X.O. & Pro'Verb) [prod. AB The Producer]
4. Doin My Job [prod. David E. Beats]
5. Put Ya Hands Up! (f./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
6. DMG (f./Cayan)
7. Like Me (f./Theo)
8. Bring It Back (f./Pro'Verb & Deron) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
9. The Baddest Chick (f./Pro'Verb & Orlando) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
10. Wild (Dilla Dope!)
11. The Nigga Moment (f./Pro'Verb & NandoMcFlyy.) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
12. All I Need [prod. G-Way]
13. Failure 2.0
14. The Rapture (f./Pro'Verb) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
15. 2 Sick (f./RAtheMC) [prod. Cap City]
16. Universal Mind Control
17. Billy The Kid Interlude [prod. J-Scrilla]
18. Misunderstood (The Explanation)
19. Dollars
20. Blue Collar Chronicles [prod. David E. Beats]
21. DMV It Ain't Hard To Tell (w./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
22. The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hate)

MP3: Theo & Ced Hughes - Class of 2009

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Not too much to say about this one, except for two things: (1) Theo has a lot of talent, and there's no telling the direction he'll go in 2009. Kudos to you, sir. (2) When Donwill of Tanya Morgan joined us last month in-studio, he made sure to co-sign Ced Hughes and play their collaboration first. And I trust Don. Oh, and an aside: I liked the Cudi video. And I'm currently bumping the new Dre, T.I., and Nas. But I'm not posting either one of them!

PODCAST: Rappers I Know x Funkadelic Freestyles

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On Sunday night (Monday morning), I invited one of my e-friends FWMJ from Rappers I Know in the studio for a special podcast collaboration. He was in DC for the weekend and since he's a purveyor of really dope music, it made perfect sense to create the first official Rappers I Know x Funkadelic Freestyles podcast. Featuring music from Houston (FWMJ's original stomping ground), DC (my residence), New York (FWMJ's current residence), and everywhere in between. Let's hope this happens again!

1. Danny Brown “Contra” featuring Elzhi
2. Focus… “Homage To Dilla” featuring Slum Village, Frank Nitti, & Illa J
3. Jay Electronica “Swagger Jackson’s Revenge”
4. Dumhi “Sunny Day” featuring Sabrina Cuie & Donwill
5. Kev Brown “Batida”
6. The Luv Bugz “Better”
7. Nicolay & Kay “As The Wheel Turns (K-Murdock Remix)” featuring Raw Poetic
8. Cuba After Market “Without Regrets” featuring Muhsinah
9. Exile “San Pedro Cactus”
10. Snap “I Still Love You”
11. Snap “So Amazing” Freestyle
11. Supastition “Finger on the Trigger”
12. J “8 Months” Lewis “Magic” featuring Kay, D. Rose, & DJ Cozmos
13. Neon Collars “Reality”
14. Neon Collars “Far Away”
15. Che Grand “Too Much Too Soon” featuring Colin Munroe
16. Spon & PK “Do It Again” featuring Kay
17. Blu “Amnesia”
18. The Fly Guys (Kay & Donwill) “I Think” featuring Che Grand

2.17.09: FF 032 - Lyriciss

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Tonight on Funkadelic Freestyles Radio you'll get a first taste of our new format. In case you've missed us over the last three weeks or so, Akhil and I have added two new cohosts, Jay Promo and Adrian King Carter. The change has been for the better, but we've really just been in a trail run since mid-January. Tonight we'll introduce our new segments including the highly-anticipated "The Jank-Off" with Jay Promo aka Janky Slamsworth. Trust me, you'll want to tune in for that alone.

But just in case jankin' ain't your thing, DC's own Lyriciss will join us in studio once again. This time he's around to promote his new mixtape, The Day Job, which is set to be released this Friday. Check for his appearance around 9pm EST. Tune in a little earlier for our other new segments and new music from Che Grand, Joe Budden, Drake, Blu, and many more. 

FF 032
Featuring musical guest Lyriciss
Hosted by jben.ok, Jay Promo, Adrian & Akhil
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

DOWNLOAD: Benji - Smokedown To 4/20/09 EP

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Enjoy the new EP from X.O.'s cohort and Rocksmith affiliate Benji, with the prelude to his new album, SSDD 4/20/09 LP. I actually scooped a hard copy of this at a friend's house on some weird, coincidental stuff. Featuring production from Infinit and Best Kept Secret. Here's the tracklist, and there's a free download below.

1. The Message (From Rhymn An Reason The Movie)
2. WDC (Washington DC) SSDD 4/20/09
3. The Papers (Where My Lighter)
4. The Feelings
5. It's Friday aka Fried Day
6. Breathe
7. E.C. (Emotional Content)
8. Right Now 
9. D.M.V.
10. Outro (From How High)

MP3: Chris Barz x Ice The Villain x Judah x Southeast Slim - New Music From The DMV Pt. 3

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Another week, another update from the DC/Maryland/Virginia hip-hop scene. This week we've got four artists with new music, plus a bonus post following this one.

I met Chris Barz for the first time last Tuesday night, as he discretely joined the production duo Best Kept Secret for the in-studio interview at WRGW. He debuted his new BKS-produced single "You Cool" with a very positive reception. Meet Mr. Barz at his imeem page, his blog, or jump ahead and download his mini-mixtape, Do You Know Him?

I keep hearing good things about Ice The Villain. This week I'll give him a chance, courtesy of his informal publicist Lyriciss Flowz, with his new single "The Softest Place." Featuring some vocals from Xscape, and set to appear on Ice's new album, The Relationship. Look for a prelude to the album, The L.@.Me Mixtape mixed by DJ MAF, to drop later this month.

Not much to say about this: Judah produced another banger for Stat Quo. I'm a fan.

And last but not least, the homie Southeast Slim dropped off the first leak from his new mixtape, "I'm the Man." Slim says he'll reveal the name of the mixtape in early March, and will release the project in mid April. 

VIDEO: Full Crate - She Was Fly (feat. Mar)

I can't say I know too much about Full Crate, the Amsterdam-based producer from whom I received this song, but I can personally stamp the video and pass it on to y'all. It's a soulful joint focused more on the instrumental than the vocals, but the tone is cool and seductive. Learn more about Full Crate here and enjoy the free MP3 below.

DOWNLOAD: Blu - HerFavoriteColo(u)r

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This, in all honesty, doesn't happen very often. One of the most promising hip-hop artists releases a self-produced album for FREE on Valentine's Day. We got Drake's new one yesterday, Jadakiss' the day before, and now, THIS. I'm geeked beyond all belief. Read Blu's blog to get the full scoop, and enjoy the new zshare laink I created, since the emcee's yousendit link will most likely be dead by morning. Enjoy the evening!


MP3: Che Grand - Too Much Too Soon (feat. Colin Munroe)

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Today I realized how much music from the homie Che Grand we've given away on this here blog. Almost a year ago, we invited Che into our studio for the first time, where he gave us the first preview his debut album Everything's Good Ugly. Over the summer, we hyped you to his live appearances (SOB's with Wale) and this fall we helped drop his latest mixtape. On election night, we leaked even more songs from EGU. Now, Che tells me that EGU is about ready to go, and we should see a release date soon. The latest leak? "Too Much Too Soon," a love song for the overbearing and obsessed. Shout out to the master musician Colin Munroe for the beat and the hook.

DOWNLOAD: Dumhi (Haji Rana Pinya) - Flowers EP

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FF readers, meet Haj. Full name Haji Rana Pinya, otherwise known as the mastermind behind the collective/group known as Dumhi. Haj decided to hook us up with some Valentine's Day (or anti-Valentine's Day) theme songs for the 14th. But really, it's bigger than that. The Flowers EP is also music for the 364 days of the year that aren't marked with a heart (or a broken heart). The Flowers EP is classic hip-hop, whether you'd like to admit it or not. Peep the tracklist, download the EP for free at Haj's new site (I'm jealous), and stay down with Dumhi. K?

1. She Is Leaving (Outro)
2. DoWhatYouDo pt2 ft Flud & Signifire
3. In the begining...
4. I Want to Follow Rainbows
5. Aint Goin Back ft JohnBlake & Jermiside
6. Sunny Day ft Sabrina Cuie & Donwill
7. I Dont Believe...
8. Coming To Terms
9. My Part of Town ft ShamelessPlug
10. Come Away with Me ft Flud & Monica
11. He is Leaving (Outro)

DOWNLOAD: J.Period & Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best (Mixtape)

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You don't have to tell me; I'm fully aware that I'm a few days late with this one. When I first tried to scoop it on Tuesday, J.Period's server crashed and they had to put up a mirror with new links. Therefore, I present to you J.Period's The [Abstract] Best, aka The Best of Q-Tip, with a new zshare link. For those of you who have never heard of J.Period ("shame on you" [c] track 7, Stevie)...he doesn't halfass his mixtapes like most DJs, nor does he keep it short. There's 49 tracks on this joint, similar to his 51-track The Best of The Roots and his 85-track The Best of Lauryn Hill. Feel free to start your J.Period education with this free joint, and then go ahead and indulge with the tapes and clips on his website

VIDEO: Black Milk - Losing Out (feat. Royce Da 5'9")

The video for my favorite song of 2008 (check the lists), "Losing Out," from Black Milk's Tronic album and featuring Royce Da 5'9". I had a completely different vision for this video, but seeing that they actually shot in Detroit, I have no qualms with the finished project. Black Milk will be in Baltimore on Feb. 20th, more details on that as we get closer. These guys >>> any other rappers in 09. 

VIDEO: Evidence - For Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Phonte,, & Blu)

I caught the tail end of this video on mtvU about an hour ago, so I was glad to get to the computer and find the full joint on Nah Right (y'all seen the day they've had over there?!). It's great to see Blu in a video and Phonte BACK in a video. A huge shout out goes to Evidence for putting this record together and to Khrysis for the beat. Make sure you cop Ev's Layover EP if you haven't already (I got it last month for 7.99!).

2.10.09: FF 031 - Dilla Tribute x Best Kept Secret

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Tonight is no ordinary episode of Funkadelic Freestyles, and it's quite easy to spot the differences. First, we're only on for an hour tonight and that's from 9-10pm EST (but check out a special hip-hop show from 8-9pm on WRGW). Second, we're not playing a whole block of new music from DC and beyond - we're sticking strictly to the music of Jay Dee aka J Dilla, whose memory is in our hearts on this day three years after his death. In between all the Dilla beats (beats, beats), we'll take 20 minutes or so to chop it up with DC's most talented production duo, Best Kept Secret (Wale, Rhymefest). Tone P. and Craig B. will join us live in-studio and *hopefully* play us some new music.

If you're in DC and you can get out the house after our show, we urge you to join us at Red Lounge near U Street to celebrate the life of James Yancey with the 2nd Annual Dilla's Nite, presented by King RJ. See the previous post for all the details.

FF 031
A Tribute to J Dilla
Featuring musical guest Best Kept Secret
Hosted by jben.ok, Jay Promo, Adrian & Akhil
9-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

2.10.09: Dilla's Nite @ Red Lounge DC

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It starts at 9pm, but I would LOVE if you guys showed up an hour late and listened to our show first. We (Jay Promo, Adrian, and myself) will be in the building immediately following the radio gig. I'ma try to drag BKS out there, too. Shout out to Kev Brown and Kenn Starr, who are celebrating birthdays this week. 

2.10.09: Jay Dee (J Dilla) - In Memoriam

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James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 - February 10, 2006)

MP3: Wale - Nightlife (feat. Young Chris and Tre of UCB)

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It gives me great pride to present you with "Nightlife," the second leak off Wale's new mixtape Back To The Feature with 9th Wonder. Get lost in those hypnotic vocals from soon-to-be-superstar Tre of the go-go band UCB, and bask in the back-and-forth lyricism from Wale and Young Chris, the heir to the Roc. (And don't overlook the beat, produced by Mikey Mike) Seriously though, Wale's second verse is one his best yet, IMO. And this isn't my first time hearing this joint so... Anyway, still no release date on Back To The Feature, but if all goes as planned, Wale will be announcing the name of his debut album on Interscope and dropping the lead single, "Chillin," featuring Lady Gaga and produced by Cool and Dre.

MP3: Blu - Amnesia

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Still check Myspace? I don't very often, but today I figured I'd check in and take a look at my inbox (empty). I was lucky enough to come across this loosie from LA emcee Blu's page. "Amnesia" is a brilliant and hazy diddy, with that authentic speakeasy feel (...Billie Holiday?) Take three minutes outta your day and coast with the homie Blu. Come back tomorrow, because we've got a special one-hour episode of Funkadelic Freestyles with DC's producer duo Best Kept Secret, plus our mini Dilla tribute

PODCAST: FF 030 - Kokayi

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Let's be honest: we really weren't sure if Kokayi was going to make it to the studio in time. But thanks to his devoted (and fast) wife, he defied the odds and came through for a great interview. (A quick note: Kokayi had serious reasons for arriving late). Anyway, here's the podcast split into two parts: Part 1 for the first hour and 45 minutes off the program, and Part 2 with Kokayi and the debut of his new song, "Believe It." And be sure to check out more of the pictures, courtesy of Ajani Truth.

NEWS: Commonwealth DC/VA Winter Blowout

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As of late, the staff here at Funkadelic Freestyles is working on officially affiliating with the DC Commonwealth x Stussy clothing stores. In the process, we'll be updating our loyal readers with new products, sales, and restocks. If everything works out, we'll also be collaborating on special events. Our first update: this crazy sale at the Washington, DC and Norfolk, VA Commonwealth locations. From now until this Sunday, Feb 8th, you can buy 2 items and get 1 free (of equal or lesser value, duh). I mean, you see the flyer; look at all those brands! If you're in the area, get up and get out there.

MP3: K-Os - The Aviator (K-Murdock Neosonic Remix)

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On Tuesday night's radio show, I played this K-Os remix and stressed y'all to vote for it on I posted the link on my Twitter and crossed my fingers hoping you guys would take some time out your day to place your vote. I also told y'all that the contest ended Wednesday morning, but I got my info wrong. You can vote until Feb. 8th (Sunday). So what's special about this remix? Well, one of my favorite producers K-Murdock of Panacea put it together, and it's quite simply phenomenal. Big shouts to DJ Damu - the unofficial third member of Panacea - for killing it on the cuts. 

P.S. Get that new K-Os album, Yes!, this March!

MP3: Benji x Cayan x Freddie MAC x Pro'Verb x Shatiff x Toney Night - New Music From The DMV Pt. 2

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Before I head off to class, I figure I'll make the most of my time and gather together some loose mp3s from District-area artists. (BTW, I never sleep. Even when I'm sick). 
First off, Uptown's Finest Benji has some news for you (but unfortunately no new mp3s). Check it out and the flyer above:


The young homie Cayan's got that District of Caylumbia II dropping soon, so he figured he'd drop you with an exclusive off the project, "Fashion and Politics." Featuring AB The Producer behind the boards. 

I just got put on to Freddie MAC, who moved to the area from Mississippi three years ago. We'll keep you updated on his progress, and I'll let y'all decide what you think of the music.

Pro'Verb has a particular gem with this new joint "Cry," produced by Equinox Professionals. I spun this on the show last night and it got a great reception from everyone in the studio.

Shatiff is working with the infamous producer Judah, with a new album coming out on the 17th of this month. Download "I Am DC" below, and stay tuned for All In: The Inauguration

Last but not least, another one of Uptown's Finest Toney Night has a new joint called "Jinkins," with a powerful Scooby Doo sample. I played this one last night, too.