MP3: 810 - Bill Gates x Pay Day

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Do we have a new rising star out of the Baltimore hip-hop scene? An email from the rapper 810 piqued my interest amongst some of the "yawn" material that currently clutters my inbox, so I figure I'd go ahead and share a couple joints with y'all. As far as answering the question above, I'll let you guys decide. I'll tell you this, though: he gets extra points for rocking the furry (whaddup Pro!)

VIDEO: Tabi Bonney - Rich Kids (Live @ Pure DC 1.26.09)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: the new FunkadelicFreestylesTV. Brought to you by the folks behind the new "Go Hard" video, myself and Static. Check back every few days or so before we drop the "Go Hard" video so you can pick up some exclusives, including additional performances from Oddisee, Lyriciss, and Pro'Verb. For now, enjoy this video from Tabi Bonney and be on the lookout for the weekly FunkadelicFreestylesTV.

PODCAST: FF 029 - The DC Twitter Takeover x Tabi Bonney

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Tuesday night was one of my favorite episodes of Funkadelic Freestyles yet. I say this because I really don't think I've laughed as hard as I did in that studio ever before. We kicked off the evening with a new cohost - Jay Promo - who helped generate our biggest audience yet. Special shouts to Adrian, Rique, E, and Unkle Scooty for showing up. We also played some new music from Jay-Z, Nando McFlyy, dumhi, Jay Electronica, & Reks. 

During the second hour, Tabi Bonney slid through the station to promote his new album, dope, in stores now. Little did we know, X.O. and gang followed in behind him and we got a chance to recap Monday night's extraordinary open mic night at Pure here in DC. And then...all hell broke loose. Daniel Weisman from elitaste (Wale) called in to discuss Twitter and he had a pretty huge announcement: KINDARACIST.COM. (Seriously, it's real.) Catch the hilarious over-the-phone exchange in part 2 of the special 2-hour podcast. Also get yoself a cut copy of the freestyles that Tabi and X.O. spit at the end of the show!

MP3: Che Grand - Streets (Prod. by !llmind)

Brand new one from Brooklyn emcee Che Grand - this time it's a song produced by former G-Unit go-to-guy !llmind. Che flexes his grizzly with "Streets," which will be featured on !llmind's new mixtape, Blaps, Rhymes, & Life Volume II, available for download this Friday!

1.27.09: FF 029 - The DC Twitter Takeover x Tabi Bonney

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With our second *official* episode of the new year/semester (see the Special Edition Donwill x Zo! & Asylum 7 podcasts), we decided we'd have a little fun. I spent the weekend working on this "Go Hard" video jumpoff, so I figure I'll slow things down a bit with this week's Funkadelic Freestyles (029). 

We've dubbed tonight the DC Twitter Takeover; but why? To keep things short, a few known personalities in this DC hip-hop scene had what I'll call a "playful scuffle" last week when they aimed YouTube videos at each other as jokes. The cast of characters (Jay Promo aka Janky Slamsworth, DJ Alizay, modi from DCtoBC, and Dizzy) also managed to rope the elitaste boss, Daniel Weisman, into the festivities, as well. And look: most of us are now well aware of Twitter's popularity in hip-hop and as of late on CNN (whaddup Rick Sanchez!), so I figure we should finally address our Twitter addictions live on air. Expect Mr. Slamsworth in-studio with me and phone calls from Mr. Weisman and the homie modi

In the second hour, I'll be keeping Jay Promo around as my special guest co-host as the two of us sit down to interview DC's shining star (see MTV2), Tabi Bonney. In case you hadn't heard, Mr. Bonney just released the first installment of his dope.fresh.superstar trilogy with the album, dope, in stores now. I got my hands on a copy when I ran into him last night at Pure. 

If the snow keeps you in the house tonight, be sure to catch the stream live at GWRADIO.COM. I'm sure we'll be playing a ton of new music, along with our exclusive recap of last night's fantastic event at Pure. Oh, and a HUGE announcement. Here's a hint.

FF 029
The DC Twitter Takeover
Featuring special guests Daniel Weisman (elitaste) and modi (DCtoBC)
With musical guest Tabi Bonney
Special Guest Co-Host Jay Promo
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

NEWS: Go Hard Video Shoot Tonight @ Pure!

So here's the deal: I'm directing my first music video. We've already had two great days of shooting, but we need to set it off RIGHT tonight at Pure on U Street. Above, check out footage from yesterday's shoot on Georgia Ave courtesy of Benji. Below, read Lyriciss' "press release" for the shoot and listen to the song if you haven't already. Peace!

To all of my fellow DMV artists, bloggers, photographers,
videographers, and residents.
The video of the lead single from Studio 43's own AB The Producer, "Go
Hard (f./X.O., Pro'Verb, & Lyriciss)", off of his debut project,
Producer's Credit
will be shot tonight, Jan. 26., at PURE Lounge on U St.
If you'd like to come out and support, get a cameo, party, drink, and
enjoy the newly-revived Monday Night Open Mics, come through!
Doors open @ 8 PM.
18 to enter, 21 to drink.
$5 to get in.
See y'all there!

NEWS: FF 029 - The DC Twitter Takeover x Tabi Bonney

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Ha! It's no joke; we're doing the DC Twitter Takeover tomorrow night. Special guests and ish. More info tomorrow. Until then, do your research on Jay Promo, Dan Weisman, and DJ Alizay

MP3: tREBLEFREE - Solomon Syndrome (Chapter 3) (feat. Plee)

The producer tREBLEFREE, whose N*gga I Know James EP was one of the first projects posted on this here blog, hit me on my phone a few nights ago. We discussed today's music market, the DC-movement (he's from Detroit), and of course, tREB's new music. This joint he sent me is old to him but new to you; it's simply a song left off his last album, Return of the Dirty Cymbals. "Solomon Syndrome (Chapter 3)" is what we'll call a bonus-unreleased cut; the vocals from Plee weren't done when the album had to be turned in. So here it is, in all it's symphonic glory (seriously, take a listen). Check for some new solo music from tREB verrry soon, plus his latest duo project alongside the rapper DVS, DVS For Alderman.

VIDEO: B.o.B. - Lonely People

Fresh off his debut music video, "I'll Be In The Sky," and its enormous success on the MTV Networks, B.o.B. has produced a lower-budget effort with the video for "Lonely People." Yes, it's essentially the same flip of The Beatles sample that Talib Kweli tried to include on his The Beautiful Struggle album and no, the sample still can't be cleared. As far as this B.o.B. joint is concerned, I like the concept with the visuals, but I think the execution could have been better. I'd add a small NWS to this one, despite the fact that the bare breasts are blurred.

PODCAST: FF SE - Donwill of Tanya Morgan

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The Monday night before inauguration, we welcomed Donwill of the group Tanya Morgan into the studio for a SE (Special Edition) interview on Funkadelic Freestyles Radio. Don had traveled alone from Brooklyn to DC to stay with family so he could experience history firsthand. He started off the interview by pretending that he was Barack Obama (or maybe it was Barack pretending to be Donwill...), and then we really started hitting on some key topics. How important are the blogs for independent artists like you? What's your craziest tour story from this past summer? When's the new Tanya Morgan album, Brooklynatti, finna gonna come out? 

If you listen at the end, you'll get the full rundown of upcoming TM/Donwill projects along with an exclusive acapella preview of "So Damn Down," the first single off Brooklynatti. 

PODCAST: FF SE - Zo! & Asylum 7

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Last Friday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Zo! and the Detroit emcee Asylum 7, who just put out their first album together - for a SE (Special Edition) of Funkadelic Freestyles Radio. Zo! lives in the DC metro area, but was originally from the city where Asylum 7 is living now, Detroit, MI. We spent a great deal of the interview discussing the social, political, and economic state of Detroit, which has been a hot topic in the news and in hip-hop. Most importantly, though we chopped it up about Overdue Process and the terrific music that can be found on the album. We especially keyed in on the features: Miz Korona, AB, Finale, & Asheru among others. Download the podcast and then head over to to buy the album if you haven't already.

MP3: Jon Hope - Better (feat. Taktix)

Jon Hope, who I first discovered on Reks' Grey Hairs LP this past summer, is an up-and-coming emcee from the state of Rhode Island. He's got a "commanding" voice, much like current fan-favorite Royce Da 5'9". So when he's spitting on this "Better" joint, you're compelled to pay attention. The song you can download here is the first single of his debut release EP, Somekind of Wonderful, due out sometime in March. Also, be sure to vote for Jon's video "Breathin" on MTVU and feel free to hit him on Twitter.

VIDEO: MTV2 DC Week (feat. Chuck Brown, Wale, & Tabi Bonney)

Here's one (Wale performs "Nike Boots") of the several video segments from MTV2 and their DC Week, which features local artists Chuck Brown (the godfather of go-go), Wale (Interscope artist), Tabi Bonney (hip-hop artist), and Beat Ya Feet Kings (dance crew). Most of what you'll see in the videos was actually filmed at Mirrors nightclub here in DC a few weeks ago. Peep the additional videos below!

MP3: Deron x Mouse x Nando. x Pro'Verb - New Music From The DMV

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iPhone Pic From Yesterday's Ceremony

Some of these have been sitting in my inbox for a minute, and some I just got sent to me. Don't let the title deceive you; it's not a huge DMV collab. It's merely loose tracks from the artists trying to build their reps. Alright, let's go down the list right quick.

Deron's talented, nuff said. Not really sure what his next project is, but he just shot off this radio-worthy single, "I Got You." Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy has a new project on the way titled MO Betta Vol. 1, and on this joint off the mixtape he goes in over an Outkast instrumental. Nando. is the homie, although I've heard he's changed his name back to Nando McFlyy. Peep his "Drop" freestyle and know that he has A LOT on the horizon. And finally, Pro'Verb is celebrating the re-release of his The Nominee mixtape with three new-old joints that he insists we revisit. 

MP3: Jay Electronica - Hagler (feat. Che Grand)

Remember Jay Electronica's and fwmj's Scratch and Demos Tape? You know, when Jay effed around with his computer mic and recorded some rough cuts over beats from 14 K.T., Gnarls Barkley, and Denaun Porter.  Well, today's your lucky day: that Mr. Porter track, "Hagler," finally got an upgrade from Brooklyn resident Che Grand. And yes, this joint is OFFICIAL. With a Jay Electronica lion roar of approval. EGU coming this Spring!

MP3: Urban Mystic - A Change Has Come

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I haven't been posting much of anything lately, mostly due to the simple fact that this weekend has been HECTIC - but still an absolute blast. Perhaps I'll recap Wednesday (or perhaps Thursday; depends on the amount of sleep I'll get). 

Young H sent along this joint from a new R&B artist by the name of Urban Mystic. It's a surprisingly good cover of sorts - an "accomplished" version of Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change Gonna Come." Rappers, eff your Obama tributes. This one is actually listenable. Peep the download below and most importantly: ENJOY INAUGURATION! Laugh, cry, and embrace each other. I wish all of you could be here in DC with me (okay, not true. There's too many people in this city) - but I'm sure the major networks will have some pretty good coverage. Peace!

NEWS: Inauguration Weekend in DC

Do everyone a favor and just chill. Let's side aside the ignorance in hip-hop and music as a whole for a minute and treasure this moment. Stay tuned later tonight for a full list of music-related inauguration events happening on Monday and Tuesday. Until then...


I'm back to work for elitaste, so I recently caught up with Wale's "Nike Boots" producer and Darkchild Entertainment top employee Osinachi, who is originally from this here diamond district (DC). Read the brief Q&A for info on what's next for Osi and his employer.

The “Nike Boots” video premiered last month and has received an overwhelming positive response from fans in the area and across the world. Was it your mission to capture the essence of the DC scene when you produced the track?

Honestly my goal was just to make a good record. I wanted to make a record that everyone would gravitate to. But I love the response it’s receiving from DC, of course.

PODCAST: FF 028 - Lady A x RAtheMC

This is the only good picture I've found from last night. 

The semester premiere of Funkadelic Freestyles went off last night without a hitch (except for those faulty effing mics). We kicked it off with some new music, then a special interview with Prime Objective (And 1) and the organizers of Inaugural Celebrity Basketball Game, and topped it off with an interview with DMV emcees Lady A and RAtheMC. Be sure to listen to both parts, along with the freestyles from RA and Lady A. And get out to that basketball game on Saturday!

MP3: Lady A x RAtheMC - FF 028 Freestyles

1.13.09: FF 028 - Judah, RAtheMC, & Lady A

Welcome back, loyal listeners and readers. As we begin a new, promising year - we begin an entirely new semester of Funkadelic Freestyles. Tonight I've got a WHOLE LOTTA SHIT (ig'nant) to discuss, including my debut as a music video director (who the f*ck gave you that job, J?), the future of Wale and elitaste, and this really dope inauguration thing that I have a ticket to (hate, hate, hate). Read my press release and embrace the change! (cliche)

During the first hour, we'll be playing brand new music from Royce Da 5'9", Wale, Young Chris, Reks, Zo! & Asylum 7, Theo, and many more! At 8:30, we'll welcome And 1 streetball alum and DC native Prime Objective as he gives us the inside scoop on this weekend's Celebrity Inaugural Basketball Game here in DC, featuring Clinton Portis, Wale, Tabi Bonney, Santana Moss, DJ Clue, and a plethora of others.

FF 028
With musical guests Judah, RAtheMC, & Lady A
Featuring And 1's Prime Objective (Inaugural Celebrity Basketball Game)
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

VIDEO: The Real - None of Your Queen Bee's Wax

New hip-hop satire from The Real, aka Jeff and Eric Rosenthal. I haven't posted any of their videos for awhile, but with this one they take the hype surrounding the Notorious movie and straight run with it. Poor Lil' Kim.

MP3: Young Chris - Searching (feat. Wale)

Yup, they're still here. Philly emcee Young Chris links up for a third time with DC's Wale for the enjoyable "Searching," which contains traces of go-go and a subtle sample. Speaking of Wale, let me just assure y'all - his debut album is set to be a classic. Even the most refined haters won't know what to do with themselves! (Shouts to 2DBZ via Eighty81 for the LAINK)

NEWS: Inaugural Celebrity Basketball Game 1.17.09

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I'm quite hyped for this one. The (first ever?) DC Inaugural Basketball Game at Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington featuring artists and athletes hooping together for a good cause. Wale, DJ Clue, Tabi Bonney, Raheem DeVaughn, Big G, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Vernon Davis, and AO will be among the special guests balling to raise money for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington on Saturday, January 17th, 2009 from 4-6pm. Get yo tickets below, tune in to the semester premiere of Funkadelic Freestyles this Tuesday (1/13) at 8:30pm EST for an exclusive interview with the event's organizers, and look for the FF crew on the sidelines!

MP3: Lady A - Give Me A Chance

The good folks at Rock Bottom Music Group just sent over this joint from Lady A, "Give Me A Chance," featuring G*Two. The song was smack dab in the middle of the DC feminine phenom's superb EP, The Great Debate. It's produced by Bad Abbot and it clearly needs more shine that it was getting on the EP alone. Check for Lady A, RAtheMC, and Judah on the semester premiere of Funkadelic Freestyles this Tuesday night at 8pm EST on GWRADIO.COM.

VIDEO: Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons (feat. Joell Ortiz)

New music video for my favorite track off Colin Munroe's Unsung Hero mixtape, "Piano Lessons," featuring Joell Ortiz and produced by Black Milk. It's basically a creative take on home videos from the Munroe (presumably) household. Directed by Philip Sortel and sent to my inbox by Tunji. (Sorry Tunji, I ain't posting that bullshit!) Don't forget to download the tape if you haven't already.

MP3: Lyriciss - Failure 2.0 x Wild

Brand new heat from DC emcee and FF superfriend Lyriciss. If he ever drops out the rap game (though I hope he doesn't), he's guaranteed a co-host spot (as long as he enrolls at GWU!). Anyway, "Failure 2.0" is a re-up of a concept Lyriciss previously visited and "Wild" is a J Dilla beat that was last used on a Kid CuDi joint. Best of all, Lyriciss has a new mixtape, The Day Job, dropping on February 3rd. 

VIDEO: Theo - Dillagence

The homie Theo (Rhode Island's own) presents the video for his song "Dillagence" off The Birth mixtape, which dropped this summer. If you need a good Twitter friend, I'd suggest hitting him up. As a a bonus, I've included a Flying Lotus collabo that the 2DBZ posted yesterday. Oh, and check for a Theo appearance on Funkadelic Freestyles verrrrry soon. Shouts to ONSMASH for putting this joint at the top of their page this morning. 

MP3: FreeBass 808 - Moon Children

Here's a new exclusive from FreeBass 808, the dynamic duo of Suede from Camp Lo and up-and-coming producer The Apple Juice Kid. Ever since I interviewed AJK on elitaste, he's been real cool with FF and very generous with sharing his music. You'll have to wait for the official FreeBass 808 album, Overdose, until February, but you can stream a compilation of their older music on their website here. Check for a special EP dropping later this month. Also, keep in mind that Apple Juice Kid is working on additional projects, included the heat he produced with Ski for Tabi Bonney's new album, dope. Download "Moon Children" below, peep the live videos of Suede and AJK performing, and go backwards to revisit the Tabi joints. 

VIDEO: Southeast Slim - The Bomb (Live @ DC9)

Along with C from EMP. Southeast Slim and his folks performed along Gray Kid and Kokayi on December 15th, 2008 at DC9. Too bad it was 21 plus!

MP3: AB The Producer - Go Hard (feat. X.O., Pro'Verb, & Lyriciss)

We're just over 43 hours into the new year, and the amount of new music that's reached the internet since 2009 became official is astounding! With that said, I bring you my favorite song of 09 (so far; it's early, ain't it?). AB The Producer is a talented 20-year old from Southeast DC - he's already scored several hits with local emcee Marky and has a comfortable situation with upstart label Studio43. He played me this beat a few months ago and my jaw dropped; it's a clear departure from anything else he's done thus far. It's gritty, it's introspective, and the three emcees - X.O., Pro'Verb, and Lyriciss - all have interesting stories to tell. It's also happens to be the first single off AB's new mixtape, Producer's Credit. Oh and guess what? There's a VIDEO on the way. (Dir: jben.ok?) STAY TUNED!!!

MP3: Print, Mickey Factz, Homeboy Sandman, $trictly Busine$$, Outasight, 6th Sense, Oddisee, Von Pea & Fresh Daily - Super Friends

I caught some of the Twitter musings the other day regarding this all-star collabo featuring a buncha New York emcees and Oddisee. Together, they're the new "Super Friends" - with Mickey Factz as Silver Surfer, Fresh Daily as Spider-Man, $trictly Busine$$ as Wolverine, 6th Sense as The Thing, Oddisee as Archangel, Outasight as Gambit, Homeboy Sandman as (duh) The Sandman, Von Pea as Plastic Man, and 8thW1 as The Beast. Trust me, it's worth the 10 minutes. And peace to 2DBZ for the link, via the homie Fresh Daily.