MP3: Roc C - Still Here

Here's some ish I'm feeling right now: Roc C (the rapper) and IMAKEMADBEATS (the producer) team up for a project called The Transcontinental. Their self-titled album will be out next year on Koch Entertainment, so get up early and peep the first single. This joint was featured on the latest Stones Throw podcast as Peanut Butter Wolf's pick of the week. 

Readers, take note: posting this week will be sparse. This is basically my finals (RE: I go to college, you should too) period. Look for a grand return on Thursday/Friday and possibly a new site design. And rappers, I got your emails. I'll catch up on posting your ish at the end of the week (as long as I feel it). Also, FF will be making the trip to NYC on Dec. 9th for the Wale x Kid Cudi x Che Grand x Colin Munroe joint at Highline Ballroom. Hit me on Twitter.

PODCAST: FF Presents Markyland Episode 2

Week 2 = success. (We now officially have a theme song!) Marky, AB The Producer, Nando., Cayan, and a few special guests packed into the studio on Tuesday for another episode of Markyland on Funkadelic Freestyles. This week's episode was a tad bit longer...but well worth it. We spun a few records - including Marky and AB's Jazzanova rework, a premiere record from the homie Yung Ruq, and an unidentified auto tune track at the end. Speaking of auto tune, Nando. and AB made a T-Pained record, too. (We played it, but I won't post it.) And hey, I hope all of y'all readers had a fat-ass Thanksgiving...and I mean that.

P.S. Come back tomorrow for the podcast of our interview with the Baltimore emcee E Major.

11.25.08: FF 027 - E Major

Could this be the Funkadelic Freestyles Thanksgiving Special? Why yes, why not. I've got four hours (8pm-Midnight) to do anything I I figure we'd get all festive with the holidays and ish. First up, we've got the new music half hour from 8:00-8:30pm, followed by a brand new episode (2) of Markyland featuring Marky, AB The Producer, and Nando. At 9:30pm the emcee E Major from Baltimore will be joining us for a live in-studio - E dropped an album earlier this year called Majority Rules and has been grinding for quite some time. 

There's rumors of some special guests popping in to see us  - a certain blogger and MAYBE a certain R&B superstar. I can't promise anything, though. Tune in nonetheless as I'll be digging deep into my music library for your listening enjoyment.

FF 027: The Thanksgiving Special?
With musical guest E Major
Featuring Marky, Nando., & AB The Producer in Markyland
Hosted by jben.ok
8pm-Midnight EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

VIDEO: Evidence - Solitary Confinement (feat. Krondon) *NWS*

Not work safe! Although the version above is "censored," you can find the explicit (with titties) here. I do this only because I understand that some of you may be viewing FF from school or work, and the screenshot just happens to be from the topless part. This joint is off Evidence's Layover EP, in stores now.

MP3: Common - Punch Drunk Love (feat. Kanye West)

Here's a freshly liberated track off Common's Universal Mind Control, featuring Kanye West. Sick of listening to 808's already? Put this one in the...iTunes and get it popping. Production from The Neptunes, normal rapping from Kanye. You know I'd hit you with the autotune warning sticker if it was anything different. 

UPDATE: Just added another track, "Gladiator," with vocals from Pharrell. I suppose if I could download from, you could do it too.

VIDEO: Lady A - The Great Debate Promo

The DMV's new female phenom goes by the name of Lady A, and she's dropping her new project The Great Debate on December 1st. Executive produced by Judah and featuring G*Two & RAtheMC. Check for Lady A on the semester finale of Funkadelic Freestyles, next Tuesday, December 2nd.

NEWS: New Albums From Kanye West & Ludacris In Stores Today

That's right, folks - today's the day. Oddly enough, it's a Monday, which for some reason turns out to be Def Jam's new favorite day of the week. Yes, it's a holiday week, but you know there's a buncha releases still coming out tomorrow, right? Anyway, it feels like a big day for hip-hop even though I'm only really hype on ONE of the two releases. Get to copping, or preview two tracks you may have not found at the NMC

VIDEO: Jake One - The Truth (feat. Brother Ali & Freeway)

I'll tell you what I ain't f***ing with: the edited version of this song. Dope visuals from Rik Cordero, though. Off Jake One's White Van Music, in stores now.

VIDEO: The Kenny Burns Show -BTS My President Is Black Video Shoot

*Points at Kenny Burns* "Hey, I know that guy!" My election night cohost goes behind the scenes of the Young Jeezy and Nas-assisted "My President Is Black" video shoot in Atlanta, GA for a special edition of The Kenny Burns Show. Fun fact: That's actually the first time I've ever heard that song. Seriously. Head over to Studio 43, rumor is they've got some stuff going on.

VIDEO: Illa J - We Here x R U Listenin'

I've utterly neglected the release of Illa J's debut album, Yancey Boys. For those that don't know the story, J Dilla's  (Jay Dee) younger brother was offered a catalog of Dilla beats from the Pharcyde/ATCQ era from Delicious Vinyl creator Michael Ross. In short, Illa J put impressive lyrical concepts on top of a hidden vault of Jay Dee instrumentals. Music videos for his first two singles, "We Here" and "R U Listenin'" just recently popped up. If you wanna support the Yancey legacy and cop the album, go here. I've also included a bonus mp3 courtesy of Audible Treats!

PICTURES: 2008 Sneaker Boutique Hoops and Hip Hop Event

Tre and Wale Go 1-on-1 (pause?)

The photographer Ajani Truth just sent these joints over - a few pictures from last Sunday's 2008 Sneaker Boutique and Hip Hop Event @ The Mary and Daniel Loughran Boys and Girls Clubhouse #10 here in DC. Big shouts go to Muhammad Hill who put together the event to raise funds for the Clubhouse. Among the guests and performers: Wale, X.O., & Tre of UCB. Peep the full set here.

Wale and Muhammad w/ guests

Mr. Folarin on the mic

Muhammad, Tre, & ?

MP3: Reks - Dear Winter

I forgot to post this up yesterday, but I can definitely say this new one from Reks is the PERFECT fall-winter transition song. If you're in DC and you've been experiencing this drastic change in temperature; button up the North Face, throw on the headphones, and take a step outside with this song on repeat. Like the homegirl Amanda says, "I'm loving Massachusetts right now." LOL.

MP3: Colin Munroe - Will I Stay (Remix feat. Wale & Dallas Austin)

I've been waiting to make this post since July. Colin Munroe, who is generating a lot of buzz outta Canada, links up with Wale and Dallas Austin for the remix to his single "Will I Stay." Colin has The Unsung Hero mixtape dropping on December 1st, and he'll also be at the Dec. 9th Hot 97 show with Wale, Kid Cudi, Che Grand, Mark Ronson, and Nick Catchdubs. On a side note: I've had this remix for awhile, but the Dallas Austin addition is new to me. I wish y'all could hear the OG! Shout out to illRoots for the premiere, though.

VIDEO: Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap

Visuals for Q-Tip's "Renaissance Rap," a.k.a. "Move Pt. 2." Not one of my favorite Rik Cordero videos, but interesting nonetheless. The Renaissance is in stores now.

PODCAST: FF 026 - The Package

Noyeek, Theory, and Dimensions of The Package joined us in-studio last night for their first FF interview. Listen in to the full 45 minute podcast for the history behind The Package and the legendary Infinite Loop, an exclusive look at their album New Golden Era, and two brand new tracks (it's called a world premiere, people) from Noyeek's and Dimensions' solo albums. If you're short on time, peep the 10-minute cypher from Noyeek and Dimensions. Peace!

PODCAST: FF Presents Markyland Episode 1

Need some relationship advice? Perhaps a few tips on how to make it in this hip hop game? Do you enjoy DMV music but think that FF doesn't play enough of it? Well, all your problems are solved with the resurgence of Markyland, the new half-hour podcast/soon-to-be online TV show hosted by the emcee Marky every Tuesday night from 8:30-9:00pm EST during each new episode of Funkadelic Freestyles. 

Episode 1 featured special guests Cayan, Nando., Lyriciss, & AB The Producer. The fellas surprised Lyriciss when he surprised us by showing up outta nowhere as they asked him a rather "personal" question. We played new records from PHZ-Sicks & Marky, plus the round-table discussion involved that new Kanye album. Hit the zshare and keep this in the archives!

INTERVIEW: The Apple Juice Kid

Last Sunday I had the chance to conduct a phone interview with The Apple Juice Kid, and somehow it turned out to be my favorite interview I've done thus far. It's not just because I'm in awe of his incredible production skills; it has more to do with his professionalism and insight (illiterate rappers, take note). Peep the whole thing over at elitaste, and check the sample below. Don't forget to download AJK's Miles Remixed project, and be sure to check back on this blog for some exclusives from the man himself. 

You’re behind the boards of the new Camp Lo album along with Ski & Korleon. How does the sound of A Piece of Action compare
to classic Lo albums like Uptown Saturday Night?

We’re still trying to go for that 7-0 sound, that’s always been Camp Lo. We’re trying to bring it into the future, so it’s like vintage-futuristic essentially. It’s a real collaboration; the three of us just get into a room and I’ll start making beats, Cheeba will suggest something, and we’ll just make something that all three of us think is hot. I don’t really think about Uptown Saturday Night; I think about Cheeba and Suede. I know them well enough now that I know what they both like, I know what I like, and we all gotta love it in order to go forward.

11.18.08: FF 026 - The Package

The FF election night special allowed me to connect with A LOT of DMV artists I've never met before. Dimensions, Noyeek, and Theory of The Package introduced themselves graciously, thanked me for having them in, and gave off a strong sense of professionalism and maturity. No disrespect to the rest of y'all artists out here, but The Package have this hip hop thing pretty much perfected. Their album, New Golden Era, has been out for a few months now  and has received great praise in the area. Their single "Making Waves" received a generous video treatment from Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, who started out his radio career at the University of Maryland College Park (so now you get the Oddisee connection, right?). Tonight I'll do my best Rosenberg impression (except not) and interview The Package for their first solo appearance on FF.

And...that's not at all! Marky, who is set to drop a major label album next spring, will be PREMIERING his new online radio/tv show tonight on Funkadelic Freestyles. FF will be briefly interrupted with Markyland, featuring Marky's friend and emcee Nando., from 8:30-9:00pm EST. And then at 9, The Package will appear live in-studio for an interview. Tune in at the beginning of the show for new music from Freebass 808 (The Apple Juice Kid & Suede from Camp Lo), Ludacris, Chester French, Wiley, and more. 

FF 026
With musical guest The Package
Featuring Marky & Nando. in Markyland
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

VIDEO: The Alchemist - Lose Your Life (feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, & Pusha T)

AWESOME. I just wish this video had come out around Halloween. The homie Mikhel (WRGW's hip hop director) has been playing this joint for a few weeks now, so it's fitting that I finally get it up on the blog.  The Alchemist's Chemical Warfare album is coming soon.

MP3: Che Grand - Chateau Gold

Welp, I've had this one on my hard drive for a few weeks now...but Che just gave it the good-to-go sign off this morning. I'll give a shout out to my homie khal who along with myself have been VERY supportive of Che Grand and his promising career. "Chateau Gold" is a particular gem that will appear on Che's new album, Everything's Good Ugly. If you missed the EGU radio premiere, be sure to click down below so you can get caught up. Plus, be sure to catch Mr. Grand performing in New York this Wednesday at the Knitting Factory with Amanda Diva and on December 9th at Highline Ballroom with Wale, Kid Cudi, Colin Munroe, Mark Ronson, & Nick Catchdubs. (FF/elitaste will be in the building!) Wow, right?

DOWNLOAD: Benji - Hide Ur Beats Vol. 6

And he don't stop. X.O.'s homie (and mine) Benji is back once again with the new installment in his Hide Ur Beats series. I can't neglect posting the hungry, on-their-grind artists out here in the area!

NEWS: The Roots Will Join The Late Show Ranks March 2009

Normally I wouldn't post news stores like this (just like how I skipped the whole Jim Jones-Broadway thing), but this bulletin involves my favorite group of all time. The Roots will be "retiring" from touring by March of next year in order to accommodate their move to NBC at 30 Rock in NYC. 

They'll be the house band for SNL alum Jimmy Fallon's new late late show, as he takes over for Conan O'Brien at the 12:35 spot once Conan makes the move to 11:35 to replace the departing Jay Leno. It's a GREAT look for The Roots, who have made a majority of their money touring and now get to spend a majority of their time with their families. A side note: yes, they'll still be recording albums. 

As for Black Thought? The Roots drummer ?uestlove, who drops the bomb in that video above, made a hint over at OKP that BT may finally get a solid solo album - perhaps with the help of the great DJ Premier. And just to clarify; The Roots seem to be intent on continue their touring within four hours of NYC. In addition to that, they may venture out west on weekends and overseas during the show's breaks (and when reruns begin). 

DOWNLOAD: DJ Heat - The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol. 3

Here's a fresh local mixtape from WPGC 95.5 on-air personality DJ Heat featuring artists like X.O., Wale, Raheem Devaughn, and Kokayi. (Nicole, my bad! I've been busy!) Released along with Heat's collaborators OMD and LX, this tape is a near perfect representation of the DMV's area talent. While I can't cosign EVERYONE on Vol. 3, I think it's a great project and I hope you'll be equally impressed when Funkadelic Freestyles releases our first mixtape next week with illRoots! Tracklist and download is below.

1. What Else-RAtheMC
2. Ridin Remix-XO f Wale
3. Special Request-Wordsmith
4. Cruzin-Thad Reid f Akshan
5. U-Turn- Skryptur f Raheem DeVaughn
6. Don't Know How to Act-Charmsidi
7. Somewhere to Be At-Muggsy Malone
8. No Smoke, No Mirrors-CALICO
9. Get Mines In-Suffadon
10. These Rappers Fake As Shit-Big-B
11. Southeast Anthem-i 
12. Sexy Lady-DeU.c.e. Double
13. They Fakin-Lyriciss
14. Babylon-Kokayi
15. Black N Mild- Carty-Yeah
16. I'm Hot-Syce the Hittmaker
17. Mt. Rockmore-Greenspan
18. Push Start-Dappa Dan!!! Midas f Rapman Ron G
19. Ben Franks-Badd Nooze f Nussie
20. Berry White-Diggz
21. Maria-Maria J
22. Can U Hear Me-J. Sparxxx
23. Im'a Give It To You-JoRob

PICTURES: FF 025 - Tre & Slump of UCB

Peace once again to the homie Ajani Truth (get at him for all your photog needs!) who shot these joints last Tuesday night when we had Tre and Slump of UCB live in-studio. 

MP3: Wiley - Cash In My Pocket (feat. Daniel Merriweather)

Looks like we're taking it back to the UK for this dreary Friday morning here in DC. Here's another gem sent to me from smokeYYY; this time it's an mp3 from the UK emcee Wiley featuring vocals from Daniel Merriweather and production from Mark Ronson.Wiley's new album See Clear Now has been pushed back to 1.12.09, so looks like you won't get to hold that 3D cover until the new year. Perhaps some of you have heard the new Ronson x Wale x Merriweather snippet? Yeah, well, get ready, because that joint will blow your mind when it drops.

VIDEO: The G.O.O.D. Music Afterparty In London

Here's the full footage (13 minutes) from the aforementioned G.O.O.D. Music afterparty following Kanye's Glow in the Dark stop and the Rock The Bells tour from London. Easily the hottest live footage out this year, pointed out by man smokeYYY and filmed by the homie DJ Semtex (the best UK DJ out there. Sorry Gilles; maybe start playing hip-hop again?) Featuring De La Soul, Mos Def, Nas, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Consequence, Damon Albarn, Big Sean,, and DJ Green Lantern on the cuts. Must-see-TV!

P.S. A quick visit to Semtex's blog indicates that he'll be airing an exclusive in-depth interview with Kanye on BBC 1Xtra next Friday!

DOWNLOAD: 6th Sense & Wildabeast are...Both Nice (Weeks 1-4)

The producer/emcee 6th Sense hit me up for the first time today and all I can say is that I was super psyched. I've been a fan of dude for a minute, so I'm glad he made me pay attention to his new project Both Nice with the Puerto Rican emcee Wildabeast. The promo video is truly NICE (peep the HD version on and the music is even better. Because they're NICE, 6th and Wil included instrumentals, acapellas, and the originals with each installment (oh, and did I mention the lyrics, too?). Listen in to FF in the coming weeks for an exclusive interview with 6th.

VIDEO: The Political Report 11.4.08 Pt. 2

Here's some more footage of our election night extravaganza, courtesy of The EQuinox Professionals. This is actually the first time you'll get crisp clear audio of the ciphers since EQuinox is down with illRoots, and Hallway Jay is the one of the only ones who has the audio! Unfortunately, the Dub Floyd mixtape has been PUSHED BACK, but you'll get it within due time. 

MP3: Paper Route Recordz - Don't Go (Diplo Remix feat. Wale)

I've been sleeping on Paper Route Recordz for too long, despite there being a side column featuring their mixtape on the elitaste homepage. Did you ever wonder what that might be? Well now is the perfect time to get your fix. Peep the Diplo remix of PRR's own Big P.O.P.E.'s "Don't Go" featuring Wale and then preorder their DJ Benzi/Diplo mixtape for your choice of price ($0-$4.99 for 192 kbps, $5.00 plus for 320 kbps). Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas drops at 12:01 am EST on November 18th.

DOWNLOAD: Nando. - Continue? (mixtape)

DC's Nando. dropped this new mixtape out of the blue (a text message would have sufficed). Continue? could perhaps be his last mixtape or last collection of music altogether...regardless, the concept isn't wasted in lieu of similar ideas from Currency and Lupe Fiasco. Please understand that Nando. has an incredibly unique talent that just needs to be DISCOVERED. I know, I know. I get emails from artists and their managers everyday saying "I just wish the world could hear Lil' so-and-so!" Well, eff that - Nando. actually IS different than the rest of y'all out there. Download the tape and learn a lesson. Damn. (Rant over).

1. McCain
2. DC Sleeps
3. Handle Bars
4. Acoustic Freestyle ft. Wale
5. How To Hustle
6. Que Pasa ft. Azizi Gibson
7. Sweet Dreams
8. SR Theme (
9. Official
10. Like Us

VOTE: FF x The Roots Criminal Remix Contest

If you visit OKP at all, you may have noticed that The Roots are holding a special remix contest for their song "Criminal" featuring Saigon & Truck North off their most recent album, Rising Down. Since The Roots are my favorite band EVAR, it was a no brainer to go ahead and post a link to the remix put together by the Funkadelic Freestyles intern and soon-to-be official cohost Akhil a.k.a. The Brown Wonda. His mix is NICE, so do him a favor and place your vote. 

INTERVIEW: Tre & Slump of UCB

Last night's episode of Funkadelic Freestyles featured a live in-studio interview with Tre and Slump of the legendary go-go band UCB (a.k.a. The Uncalled 4 Experience). In case you missed it, I transcribed it last night for elitaste (therefore, there will be NO podcast). Look for some photos from Ajani Truth soon. Also be sure to download UCB's new single "You Go Girl" down below.

What’s the difference between the UnCalled 4 Experience and UCB?

Tre: Our original name back in ’95 or ’96 was The UnCalled for Band. We started using UCB as a simple acronym and people started to take to UCB more than they did UnCalled 4. We started to get a lot of negative press for the stuff they associate with go-go over the years and we had a stigma with us. In 2002 or 2003, we started using the name The Uncalled 4 Experience because we started to play at 21 plus spots and we had changed up our format for those venues. It was more like R&B, top 40, and mid-tempo grooves so we weren’t really playing raw, high-intensity grooves that we had made our name for. The Uncalled 4 Experience was a name for the intimate spots that we play in DC. When we’re on the road at colleges and at all-ages shows, the moniker is UCB.

VIDEO: The Political Report 11.4.08

A few videos from election night in-studio, courtesy of D.Omen - who, which I can't fail to mention, has a new project out called The Duncecap EP. A reminder: FF x illRoots x Dub Floyd The District Mixtape on the way! 

PICTURES: The Political Report 11.4.08

jben.ok, Tabi Bonney, Marky, & R.E.U.B.

Here are a few flicks from Ajani Truth, my new favorite photographer, who was in the building with us during our Political Report election night special. These have been up for a few days now, but I realized last night that I hadn't gotten around to posting them up here.

Laelo Hood

The crowd celebrating Obama's W

X.O. & R.E.U.B.

Kenny Burns with the DMV's New School

Check out the full set here

11.11.08: FF 025 - UCB

Members of UCB @ Wale's "Nike Boots" video shoot last month

As I'm typing this, I'm adding last minute additions to tonight's playlist (the new Ye and Weezy joint isn't that bad. Could Jon Brion have had something to do with this one?) I have the burden of following last week's spectacular election night show with something as equally exciting. Will a special elitaste interview with UCB be okay?

Tonight at 9pm EST I'll sit down with all the members of UCB aka The Uncalled 4 Experience. The elitaste boss has been asking for this one for a few weeks now, so I figured it was about that time after meeting UCB frontman Tre aka TreasuretheMelody last week. (Alternate titles seems to be their thing) The only thing most hip-hop fans know about the go-go band UCB is that they've been touring with Wale - and when they went to New York with him, they shut down the building. Don't forget to catch the first hour of the show as I'll be delivering a very special announcement involving the OTHER major label artist from DC, plus you'll get a handful of new joints to mull over. All the info is below!

FF 025
With musical guest UCB
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

MP3: Kanye West - Amazin' (feat. Young Jeezy)

Just hopped off the Kanye West conference call and here we are with the new song leak off 808's & Heartbreaks. Titled "Amazin'" and featuring Ye's new biggest inspiration Young Jeezy (I think he said that, actually). Also mentioned in the conference call: the album will be dropping on November 24th (that's a Monday) and Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 will drop in February. For the record, no one got to ask any questions and Ace Hood spent a little too much time feeling himself. Much respect to BOBO for the opportunity. 

VIDEO: Jadakiss - Who Run This

Nah Right "premiered it" but it was sent to my inbox at the same exact time. Directed by Rik Cordero and co-starring Statik Selektah on the cuts. Where's Hov?

DOWNLOAD: Von Pea - The Further Adventures of Von Pea

Happy early birthday, Mr. Pea. Tanya Morgan's own just dropped this new mixtape with the best cover ever, although I'm almost sure it accidentally leaked a day before his birthday. No worries, though; this tape with Von rocking over beats from Madlib's The Further Adventure of Lord Quas was given an official okay by the producer/emcee himself over at 2DBz. Does Von Pea rocking over a full tape of another producer's beats sound familiar? Perhaps; if you're like me you jammed his Kanye tribute Grand Vonye a few years back. Peep the tracklist below.

01 introduction
02 players!
03 web 2009
04 all day hell (f/ Donwill)
05 so supreme
06 the bubble (f/ Che Grand)
07 peagreenery
08 main jawn
09 starstruck / WHAT?
10 options (the great escape)
11 love (f/ Median & Elucid)
12 one man circus (co-starring Ilyas)

MP3: Busta Rhymes - Pop Champagne (Apple Juice Kid Kenya Mix))

Here's an exclusive for you: a remix of that ridiculous Busta Rhymes joint "Pop Champagne" put together by The Apple Juice Kid, who is becoming the internet's new favorite producer. Apparently he's behind the boards of the new Camp Lo album and he just did a special Miles Davis remix project along with OKP. Rumor is KNOWxONE and AJK have something crazy on the way....