2.13.10: Funkadelic Freestyles Live Broadcast - Dilla Day 2010

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Stussy DC & Stones Throw are happy to present Dilla Day @ Stussy DC TODAY! Saturday, February 13th 2010 from 6pm – 9pm.

WRGW Radio's [Washington, DC] Funkadelic Freestyles will be broadcasting LIVE from Dilla Day @ Stussy DC beginning at 7pm EST on www.gwradio.com.

Stussy & Stones Throw are honored to release a collaborative t shirt @ the event that will be released in VERY limited quantities so GET THERE EARLY to grab a shirt.

Music for the evening will be provided by J Dilla and curated by Jerome Baker III. Also scheduled to appear: DJ RBI & DJ 2-Tone Jones.

Refreshments will be provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

jben.ok's Tip: GET THERE EARLY! The "small-ish" Stussy DC store will fill up fast!

Also, hit up the Stones Throw site for info on ALL five simultaneous Dilla Day 2010 events at Stussy locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, DC, Vancouver, & Toronto.

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