3.19.08: New Nikki Jean

Ms. Nikki chillin' with Talib Kweli last weekend at SXSW

Good afternoon, folks. Stumbled upon this one last night but last night was the nationally-televised Celtics-Rockets match-up, so I was a little preoccupied. It appears FF fan Nikki Jean put up 6 brand new songs on her MySpace last night, but they weren't there for long. Luckily, OKP BannedWidth threw them into a zip file and made them available FOREVER. Well, at least until his zshare link runs out. 

Here's a new link with the same songs. Enjoy...will jben.ok head to A3C? Official post and more details on Atlanta's 3-day independent hip-hop festival coming tomorrow...Until then, don't forget to download the Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group mixtape. (Two posts below)

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