3.24.08: XM/Sirius Merger OK'ed, Not Official

Now that would be a dope logo, wouldn't it?

Over a year ago today, satellite radio subscribers first caught wind of a proposed Sirius/XM merger. Politicians screamed "noooo!" while consumers have patiently awaited the potentially frightening subscription costs. Although the U.S. Justice Department approved the merger this afternoon, there's still no answers on what subscribers will have to pay.

However, the companies said last year that they would be willing to offer a so-called "a la carte" price plan where consumers could pick certain packages ranging from $6.99 a month to $16.99 a month. The two companies have also maintained that a combined service offering the best of both companies' offerings will cost less than the $25.90 a month that a consumer would currently have to pay to subscribe to both Sirius and XM.

And one more thing: the FCC still has to approve the merger.

But the Federal Communications Commission must also approve the deal. The FCC has yet to make a decision on the merger and it could decide to place conditions on the deal. A spokesperson for the FCC was not immediately available for comment.

So why make this post? In case you didn't know, this blog is named after a weekly college radio program started by on-air personality/rapper The Great White Mark, who is now employed across town at the XM Radio headquarters. And ironically, Funkadelic Freestyles' newest host, myself, has a subscription to Sirius. That doesn't really mean anything, (and it's really not that ironic, duh), other than I can personally say I support the merger. And one day, perhaps I'd like to see myself sitting in front of a XM/Sirius microphone. 

Quotes swiped from CNN.com

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