NYC: Che's 99Cent Store Party

Che, Spec, Elucid, Sankofa, TM. For 99 cents?!

New Yorkers! Do yourself a favor and make it out to Che Grand's 99Cent Store Party tomorrow night (3.12.08) for a stacked lineup.
DJ Brainchild on the 1s and 2s case you missed the point, you can get in for under a dollar. All you gotta do is RSVP at GRAND99CENTPARTY@GMAIL.COM
(If you don't, you pay 5 dollars. And you're fucking lazy.)

P.S. 2 things
1. Thanks to Che for coming through last Friday. If you didn't listen, you're stupid. Look for some archived audio of Che's Zimbabwe for the Public mix and our short interview. (Click the blog)
2. I know, I know. Where the eff are all the updates? It's been a busy week for me, family. I've gotta get the passing grades on these midterms if I wanna stay in school, and if y'all want to continue hearing me on the radio. (I BRING YOU DOPE ARTISTS!) Next week, (my spring break), I promise updates at least once a day. And if I head to Atlanta with Che (a potential Loud Minority/FF joint production) y'all will be showered with exclusives. 

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