4.19.08: Nicolay & Kay Live In-Studio

Just got back from the Nicolay & Kay show at The Black Cat here in DC, and even though I'm still trying to get over this cold, it was a blast. Met a lot of new people and ran into many old friends...shout out to Aeon, KB, Raw P, Mr. Murdock, and Muhsinah. 

Anyway, it's hot as fuck in my dorm room but I'm gonna try and fall asleep so I'm all rested and ish for tomorrow's in-studio interview with Nicolay & Kay. K Murdock of Panacea will be there as well, and Muhsinah, I forget to invite you, check your myspace. 

Nicolay & Kay w/ K Murdock of Panacea
Hosted by jben.ok and Vex Blizzy
3:00pm EST
Listen LIVE @ www.gwradio.com

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