DOWNLOAD: Nhmiah Su - 16 Hours: The Mixtape

Shouts to fwmj for the artwork and the hosting.

It's 2 in the morning, but I promised myself I wouldn't forget to post this tonight. (And on top of that, I've got a paper due in approx. 7 hours!) Ever since Muhsinah entered the WRGW studios, I become enamored with her production and words. This woman is not a trained vocalist, but she manages to lace every single track she's on. (Want proof, here's the intro to Hezekiah's recent album)

Anyway, sorry if I blew your cover, girl. She's truly getting her Viktor Vaughn on by releasing this mixtape under the name Nhmiah Su (oh, and you heard Boozina did the production, right?) LOLZ, enough wordplay for tonight. Well not exactly, since I have to put a buncha words together and make them into sentences. And support my thesis, with sources......It's gonna be a long night (morning), y'all.

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