4.2.08: Life's (Che) Grand

Alright, so this isn't the first
Che Grand post nor will it be the last. Because truly and honestly, this dude makes GOOD hip hop. No dick-riding, no favors, nothing like that.  I had this discussion with Nyadenya and Vex last night about GOOD hip hop and going out to support it. Present the music, and the people will come. (Okay, so this discussion was had purely on the topic of GWU, but still.)

Anyway, Che was on FF back on March 7th mixing another ZFTP comp and getting interviewed by myself. You can listen to the interview on Che's blog, and now you can DOWNLOAD the ZFTP FF mix here.

AND...Che's coming out with an album in June. It's called Everything's Good Ugly and if you know someone up at a major, make sure they hear this new cut. Featuring Nicky of HEAVy and produced by Aeon, it's streaming up at ZFTP. (Man, even I wish I could download this one).

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