5.21.08: Panacea's Ship Through Time

A Mind On A Ship Through Time...due Fall 2008.

The conceptual geniuses from the Washington DC hip-hop duo Panacea, K Murdock and Raw Poetic, will have another album in stores sometime this fall. Yesterday morning, the guys posted (on MySpace) a brand new song from the forthcoming album, A Mind On A Ship Through Time, called Orange Penicillin. Here's the story behind this moving, powerful joint:

This song is the most personal song for me, K-Murdock, as it contains candid audio clips of the man who inspired me to get into radio and subsequently music, my late uncle Melvin Lindsey who died of AIDS when i was but 13. Me and Raw P decided it was time to put that up due to the recent passing of his grandma (R.I.P. Lutie Moore), so i believe this is a song anyone who has lost someone can relate to, so check it when u can.

A Mind On A Ship Through Time comes on the heels of 2007's The Scenic Route (which I ranked as the #10 album of 2007, should have been MUCH higher). In case you're just getting acquainted with Panacea, here's a few links to speed up the process. If all goes well, we'll have "Orange Penicillin" up here for stream at the end of the week.

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