5.2.08: Closing Shop

'Cept it's not like I'm going fishin'

It's that time of the year. Being a college student AND a radio show host is rather difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining this blog. But I started this ish back in November, thinking nobody would read it. We started to get our name out, we gave you new interviews, and most importantly, we provided y'all with some new music. (But seriously, if y'all haven't heard the Oddisee show yet, you missed like 20 unreleased beats) Thank for y'all coming through, and let your friends know about us. 

So it's finals week, and there's pretty much no way I can be updating the blog during a hectic time like this. (I need to pass with flying colors if y'all want me to continue the Funkadelic Freestyles radio show, via WRGW Radio!) As soon as it's all done, I'll be on a plane going home (to Maine, can you believe a hick like me is repping DC now?) and I'll begin work on launching the OFFICIAL new website, which should be up and running before September 1st. 

In the meantime, I will continue updating the blog and you'll probably see the first new post around May 13. Again, there ain't gonna be big changes until at least August, but you'll most likely see a comprehensive post including ALMOST all the interviews we've done this year. You can get reacquainted, caught up, or maybe even newly introduced. 

I started the blog and joined the radio station because I truly have a love affair with this thing called hip hop. I'm absolutely blessed to be living in Washington, DC and so very close to some of the most talented cats to do it (shouts to Wale, Low Budget, Tabi, Panacea, & Zo!). I promise to bring y'all more guests, more concerts, and more brand new music. And if you're in New England at all this summer, drop me a line. We're working on getting some shows up north during the summer and you can best believe I'll be doing interviews everywhere I can. 

So farewell for a little while, and many daps are due for my co-hosts, Nyadenya and Vex Blizzy. Respect for my dude The Great White Mark, and a thank you to Nathan and Eric for putting up with my geeked-out stories all year. A special thanks goes out to Nomi and Caroline at the radio station for REALLY putting up with my shit (but are y'all even reading, anyway? lol) Peace and see y'all back on the innanets on May 13th.

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