MP3: J-Live - The Upgrade (feat. Oddisee and Posdnous)

Whew! Finals are over and I'm back home (but I miss DC...have fun at Erykah/The Legendary, y'all). We're starting work on the official website soon, but until then, I'll be blogging as usual. 

I know this one is sorta old (in the internet realm), but it's stayed on repeat ever since Oddisee showed it to me  last month. I really got into J-Live when I first heard Jazzy Jeff's The Return of the Magnificent and J killed the Allen Iverson-inspired track. It wasn't the first time I'd heard J, but definitely the first time I really committed to his music. So this track has become a no-brainer favorite because: 1) Pos of De La Soul absolutely shuts down the last verse 2) Oddisee is INCREDIBLY underrated as an emcee (but this doesn't mean his beats don't bang) and 3) J's new album? May 27th, 2008. Go cop.

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