MP3: Tanya Morgan - Morgan Blu (feat. Blu)

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The good folks over at Audible Treats just sent along this exclusive off Tanya Morgan's new album Brooklynati - "Morgan Blu" feat California's new golden boy, your girl's favorite color Blu. The fellas of TM have earned some great praise lately, including features on and in 215Mag. As far as this particular collaboration goes, Ilyas had this to say: 

"I used to write for Vapors Magazine and I had to interview Blu. I had just heard his album (Below The Heavens) while we were on tour and was blown away. Before and after the interview we chopped it up a bit on some personal shit. I holla'd at him later about the collab and he was down. At the time I had no idea that this collaboration would end up being on Brooklynati, but I'm certainly happy it is."

Von Pea is on the beat, and Tanya Morgan's Brooklynati is set to hit stores on May 12th. Check out a virtual tour of Brooklynati here, and don't forget to download TM's first single off the LP, "So Damn Down," below.

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