VIDEO/PODCAST: FF SE - Tanya Morgan x Kenn Starr x Oddisee

Last Saturday evening, a very special event took place at our studios here at GWU in Washington, DC. I invited Von Pea, Donwill, & Ilyas of the rap group Tanya Morgan to join us for an impromptu interview while in town to promote their new album, Brooklynati. While TM was across town grabbing some mambo sauce, Kenn Starr and Oddisee made their own special guest appearances (Kenn Starr's first) and let loose with Jay Promo and King Carter on today's current hip-hop topics. Once TM showed up, we talked a little bit about how Brooklynati came together and then - I threw on De La Soul's (& Dilla's) "Much More" instrumental to egg on the rappers. Watch and learn aspiring artists - these guys know how to do it. Not only is the entire cypher captured on video (thanks to Gadget from Digital Hustle Films), you can hear the entire interview AND cypher on the podcast below. And head over to Real Mango Juice to check out the wonderful pictures Gabby took. Get ready for tomorrow night! FF Semester Finale is about to be in full effect...


  1. Thought Kenny Wasn't gonna get the chance to rhyme, then he took off! Love the whole session!

  2. Von went off on that second round, yo. My gawd. wtf. so did Don. ...shit. it's like they heard O and K go and were like, nah..."not like this".

    Il always come off.