VIDEO: FF Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 1 & 2

If you missed out, no worries. May 12th was the date - merely a week ago - and we packed the studio with a plethora of musicians hailing from the DC metro area. I'll run down the list right quick: PHZ-Sicks, Jabari, Lyriciss, Judah, Wordsmith, Experience of Team Demolition, Kokayi, X.O., K-Beta, The Paxtons, Pro'Verb, AP,  Benji, Toney, AB The Producer, J-$crilla, E-Major, Eddie, DJ Impulse, Incwell; just to name a few (we also got Providence's Theo to call in!) Most importantly, we hosted our first live band in-studio - the best hip-hop band in DC, The ELs, featuring names like Zo! and Slimkat78. The Funkadelic Freestyles team was in full force, featuring Jay Promo, King Carter, DJ Jerome Baker III, Unkle Scooty, and myself. We signed off until August and again, I'd like to publicly thank all our listeners for their support. Please continue to spread the word about the best hip-hop college radio show on the airwaves: Funkadelic Freestyles. We'll be back in mid-August with the same time slot, Tuesday nights from 8-10pm EST. Down below, pick up the first two hours of the semester finale via podcast and check for parts 3 and 4 of the cypher footage on Tuesday. 


  1. Chris' face during Kokayi's spazz out are priceless.