6.29.09: Michael Jackson - Tributes

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Photo courtesy AuditoryThreshold.com: Apollo Theater, Harlem, NY, 6.25.09

I spent this past weekend on "vacation" in New York City, where plans to further the completion of our Funkadelic Freestyles x Rappers I Know mixtape were significantly altered (that's a whole 'nother story). I arrived Friday evening, nearly 24 hours after a momentous celebration of life had commenced outside the Apollo Theater in Harlem. As I ventured onto the subway, I could feel the subtle pain and confusion collectively shared by various New Yorkers. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had left this world the night before in a surprising and shocking manner. Yet despite the insensitive media coverage covering the airways, the typical MJ fan just wanted to hear one of his records - at least once or twice every hour. It was a soothing medicine, and a reminder that Michael had left behind an extremely deep catalog. Now, various (living) artists have (immediately) begun to pay tribute to their musical hero. Here's a somewhat comprehensive list of some of our favorites so far. Special thanks to fwmj, OKP, 2DopeBoyz, & Michigan Hip-Hop.

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