VIDEO/MP3: Wale - Chillin (feat. Lady Gaga) x Family Affair

Today in the life of DC's Wale was, well...interesting. Early this morning, some overly-ambitious bloggers leaked an unfinished version of the "Chillin" video, causing quite the ruckus on the internets. Then, Wale delivered on a promise: leaking "Family Affair," produced by Best Kept Secret and to be featured on both video director Rik Cordero's debut mixtape and Back To The Feature (Wale's next tape). The folks at elitaste surprised everyone with a speedy correction on the "Chillin" joint around 3pm EST, and now the video you see above is the official flick that will begin to air on MTVJams soon. All of these things happened on the day of the monumental home-coming show for his Attention: Deficit Tour at the 930 Club, which you should start walking to (something like 80 tickets left). Wale also said the video for "Family Affair" will be dropping tomorrow. I won't speak on the blog bullies, but I will say: please stay in your own lane and your own business. Damn. (c) Hov

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