MP3: DJ Spinna - Lyrics Is Back (feat. Torae)

I figured I'd take full advantage of my day off from work by making my return to the blog, but who's gonna notice anyway?! If you're wondering why the first page is pretty "outdated," there's a reason! This August, we'll be taking part in a brand new venture involving a radio/web merger that might just blow your mind. I'm not really allowed to speak on it yet, but imagine the perfect combination of indie hip-hop, mainstream club joints, style, and DC cultural news. And before we even get to there, we'll be releasing our first official mixtape in July along with FWMJ's Rappers I Know featuring original material from folks like Oddisee, Che Grand, UCB, Random, Pro'Verb, Lyriciss, E-Major, and many more. The list looks small now...but you just wait! A thorough and more detailed press release will follow next week. 

Okay, totally forgot about the reason I made this post. DJ Spinna is the man responsible for all those wonderful tributes (especially his Stevie Wonder gigs). Torae is a NY emcee with a pitch-perfect cadence and has a new album (Double Barrel - cop now) in stores now with the producer Marco Polo. As of the moment, they're two of my favorite artists, so it was a no-brainer to post the first single off Spinna's new album, Sonic Smash (you can only HOPE that somehow there will be a Charles Hammy diss track on there). Pick it up in stores on June 30th and check for more features from Phonte, Elzhi, and Fresh Daily. 

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  1. if anybody was gonna notice you posting again, it was gon' be me...welcome back to the blog, homie! lol dope post.

    Peace & Hip-Hop