8.13.09: FF 042 - The New Thursday Show

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For the rest of August, Funkadelic Freestyles comes to you two nights a week. As you can see above, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10pm EST is now in "effect." Since DJ Jerome Baker III is busy on Thursday nights, tonight we introduce you to the newest addition of our team - DJ Mastamind. As always, we'll bring you the same old antics.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the first leak from FWMJ's Rappers I Know & Funkadelic Freestyles Present Vol 2: Back In The Game, available for free download Tuesday, August 18th, 2009. Also, don't forget to scoop Vol 1: The Off Season. And be sure to give us a call tonight: (202)-994-9749!

FF 042: The New Thursday Show
Hosted by jben.ok, Jay Promo, King Carter, Unkle Scooty, & Sneakaman Dan
With DJ Mastamind
8:00-10:00pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
CALL IN! (202) 994-WRGW
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

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