PODCAST: FF 041 - The Preseason Opener (feat. Phil Ade)

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Last Tuesday was our "preseason opener," and since we're using all these sports analogies lately - it was only fitting to bring in Mr. Starting-On-JV-himself, Phil Ade. Phil released an incredibly dope mixtape this past July with Raheem DeVaughn's new boutique label 368 Music Group. We spent nearly two hours chopping it up with Phil and his mentor Dre the Mayor, which concluded with a ridiculously-long freestyle. 

Hosted by Jamie Benson (aka jben.ok), Jay Promo, Unkle Scooty, King Carter, & DJ Jerome Baker III. Including special guests. Enjoy the 2-part podcast, and be on the lookout for weekly [abridged] episodes on the WRGW section of the iTunes music store. 

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