DOWNLOAD: FWMJ's Rappers I Know x Funkadelic Freestyles Presents Vol. 2: Back In The Game

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Fresh off Volume 1: The Off Season, FWMJ’s Rappers I Know & Funkadelic Freestyles return for the next installment of their collaborative efforts. Volume II: Back In The Game is another full-length mixtape project featuring all new, unreleased hip-hop music from folks like Blu, The Burnerz (Zumbi of Zion I & The ARE), Hassaan Mackey, The Foundation, Bilal, Kokayi, & many more. Volume 2 comes on the heels of the “preseason debut” of the Funkadelic Freestyles College Radio Show at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Radio personality Jamie Benson (aka jben.ok) re-links with his fellow co-hosts Jay Promo, King Carter, Unkle Scooty, and Sneakaman Dan for hosting duties, while DJ MAF steps in at the last minute on the cuts.

Volume 3: This Is Overtime is currently in the works for September 2009. Be sure to catch Funkadelic Freestyles live on-air every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-10pm EST at and campus channel 22.

01. Tona - The Arrival [prod. Lyve]
02. jben.ok, Jay Promo, & Unkle Scooty - The 2nd Time Around [prod. Dela]
03. E-Major - Who's That [prod. Eddie]
04. Hero & Rad - Got The Momentum [prod. Rad]
05. The RGsll - Nati Niggaz (feat. IlWil) [prod. Brick Beats]
06. The Burnerz (The ARE & Zumbi of Zion I) - Old Soul [prod. The ARE]
07. Random - Rise Up Above (feat. Reach & Dynamite MC) [prod. Raze]
08. D. Rose & DJ Cozmos - Revolution [prod. DJ Cozmos]
09. Tom Hardy - Makin' It Last [prod. 9th Wonder]
010. Blu & Big Tone - Ur Eyes
011. The Luv Bugz - Phone # [prod. PZasterous The Great]
012. the OTHERside - Here We Are [prod. Wallsauce]
013. Dynas - Challenges of L.O.V.E. [prod. Illustr8]
014. PK The Gift - All I Do (feat. Spon) [prod. Ran Mecca]]
015. jben.ok, Jay Promo, & Unkle Scooty - Interlude [prod. Abdul-Aliim.]
016. Kokayi - What U Want [prod. Kokayi]
017. Chip Fu - R'Octogan [prod. Illmind]
018. Hassaan Mackey - Tell It [prod. Oddisee]
019. The Foundation - Skylight (feat. Bilal) [prod. Chris "Daddy" Dave & The Foundation Band]
020: V Zilla - The Throwback Hour [prod. Moonshine]
021: Dumhi - Paramount (feat. Random & Reef The Lost Cauze) [prod. Haj]
022: Panacea - Pack-Up Line [prod. K-Murdock]

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