12.20.09: A Message From Your Hip Hop Director

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(...and the obligatory #exhibitc EP cover)

Why hello there, nice to see you again. In case you've forgotten, my name's Jamie Benson aka jben.ok [jay-ben-okay], WRGW Radio [GWU in DC] Hip Hop Director and host of the weekly Funkadelic Freestyles music program. I'm writing to inform you that the fall academic semester is over (!) and now I'll have plenty of free time to post meaningless shit on the internet, which just happens to be one of my favorite activities.

First off, a few announcements. You've probably noticed that I don't really post music features anymore - well, that's because I don't have the time to do that. And if I do post cool stuff, it's probably happening at my homie FWMJ's site, Rappers I Know. He and I released a couple mixtapes over the summer - you remember those? We had a buncha dope musicians contribute exclusive material for a super collection - and then we released it for FREE. Just reminding you, that's all.

Maybe you noticed that when I said we were gonna do a two-part semester finale of Funkadelic Freestyles, the second part never aired. That's because the WRGW stream is down, and we couldn't even go on air. In fact, an hour into part one, the stream just fucking broke. So we recorded the second hour with our homies E Major, DJ Impulse, & DJ Face for a secret show, that will air at some point. Don't ask me when, because I don't know.

And now onto the good news: Jay Electronica is about to fuck up your holiday. After releasing the smash "Exhibit C" on iTunes, he's prepared to unleash a free album thingy sometime soon. I can't say when or what, but you can guess. More good news: I'm prepping a special feature - to be posted on here, Real Mango Juice, and Rappers I Know - called The Ten Top 10 Lists of 2009. Ten lists featuring top 10 criteria like best producers, best albums, best singles, best rappers, etc. of 09. I'm getting more intelligent, so you might want to pay attention.

And...I'll be back in DC before the new year...meaning I'll be in town for the two 930 Club shows with The Roots and a New Year's Day celebration from the homie Wale. Who knows what kinda coverage we're gonna get...I just hope for the best. Oh and one more thing: I'm gonna be the General Manager of WRGW for the 2010-11 school year! I'm incredibly humbled and excited to start the job.

I'll let y'all go...below I've provided mp3 links to some of my favorite songs at the current moment. Google those artists, buy their shit, and let them know I put you on to their music. Stay tuned for more...The Ten Top 10 Lists begin on December 22nd! One list per day, until New Year's Eve....

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