1.20.07: SOAS Vol. 1

My apologies for the lack of updates. The first week of school always brings new challenges, therefore the crew has been less focused on the blog. 
Our first show went fairly well; a few technical issues were semi-distracting at the beginning of the episode but the interview was very, very fun. Muhsinah, who I dubbed "our smartest guest yet," let loose as we discussed her background, day.break, and this blog post from Ms. Jack Davey. (Pictures and full-interview coming soon.)

We'll be back again this Tuesday, as we get back into some new music and Nyadenya does his first interview (ever) with Canadian rapper Michael Ikeda. In case you missed it, we now have four members of the FF crew posting on the blog: Eric, Nyadenya, Donavan (Hi-Fi), and myself. Good things coming from all of us throughout the semester.

I haven't really had anything to post about for awhile. For some reason, it seems like the writer's strike has dipped  its nasty hands into the pool of hip hop, thus nothing new (or notable) has showed up recently. 

About an hour ago, I was given a pretty fair source of inspiration. Most people I know have a difficult time dealing with loss, whether it be a death, a relocation, or a simple defeat. In hip hop, it's generally rare to show immense emotion. 

A few of my best friends lost one of their friends this weekend in a very tragic accident. All I can think about is the emotions I felt when I lost the people closest to me, or even those who I only knew for a short time. In this particular case, it was the latter. My prayers are with my friends and the young man's family. 

I spent a few hours this evening to set up a playlist of songs that I've listened to during tough times. An important note here, though. The majority of these songs don't even directly deal with loss. In most cases, it's the overall sound of the song that is "comforting." You can make your jokes, but this is a serious post. Enjoy the music and remember it when and if you'll need it.

I'm gonna put up several volumes. Here's #1:

1. "Africa" - D'Angelo
2. "Hey Young World Pt. II (feat. Phonte & Mystic)" - Dave Ghetto
3. "Virginia Moon (feat. Norah Jones)" - Foo Fighters
4. "Ain't No Sunshine" - Bill Withers
5. "Fast As You Can" - Fiona Apple
6. "Spanish Joint" - D'Angelo
7. "Better Off Dead" - Bill Withers
8. "Hapiness" - Foreign Exchange
9. "Thieves In The Night" - Blackstar
10. "10 Years" - Braiile
11. "Come On (feat. Dave Ghetto) - DJ Jazzy Jeff
12. "A.N.G.E.L. (feat. Slum Village) - Dwele
13. "All That Glitters" - Death In Vegas
14. "Right There (Remix feat. Donwill)" - Dwele

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