1.9.07: Estelle (feat. Kanye West)

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It's been a minute since I've heard anything from West London native Estelle, who recently signed to John Legend's Homeschool Records via Atlantic. Of course, I first heard about her thanks to JL, and used to get her name mixed up with Esthero. 

(Yeah, I know. Esthero and Estelle are two VERY different people.)

So needless to say I was very pleased to hear Estelle's new single "American Boy" featuring Mr. West. 
The beat, oddly enough, is from will.i.am's recent Songs About Girls album. Don't really understand that one. 
Here's "American Boy", and the song that first introduced me to Estelle.

Estelle - Freedom (feat. John Legend & Talib Kweli) (mp3) <--- mp3 will be uploaded later tonight

Oh, and Elliot Wilson left XXL. I kinda admired dude. Bummer.

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  1. We Takin Over 08' Funkadelic Freestyles Holla!!