1.25.07: This is eMC

eMC: Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, Stricklin

Albums are leaking again!

I said about a week ago nothing new had reached my hard drive. Like, I was doing them Songs On A Sunday comp, (which I will continue, on Sunday), and I was just bored as fuck. If you listened to last week's FF, (and if you didn't, I totally understand), you might have noticed those three CONSECUTIVE Jay Electronica joints. THAT EVERYONE ALREADY FUCKING HAS. I was bored, how you want me to explain myself? No more lazy shit, I promise.

Anyway, this is what Thursday brought in. (Not the band, you emo fucks). 

Artist: eMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, Stricklin)
Album: The Show
Release Date: 2008
Label: M3 Records

So far, a very solid album. The production, the vocals, the rhymes; all fresh. I feel sorta stupid posting this shit up here because I'm so uneducated on these dudes. Masta Ace is a legend, y'all, and I'm just starting to get into his stuff. Wordsworth I've actually been hype to for awhile, so ain't nothing new there. I'm just now learning about Punchline and Stricklin, (I know y'all, feel free to send me a package o' late passes). 

So enjoy my favorite track so far, "Winds of Change." And if you really want an album link, hit me on myspace.com/jbenok.

Oh, and I'll make a post about this on Monday, but no Funkadelic Freestyles this week. I'd be mad if it was the men's basketball team playing, but  it's just our NATIONALLY-RANKED  women. 

But February equals fresh and fire. Brand new guests. 2006 guests. Album release parties. 

Book them plane tickets, fam.
 You're gonna wanna be IN the studio next month.

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