2.10.08: Nicolay & Kay - Time Line

I've been waiting on this one for a long time. One of the best producers working, Nicolay (of Foreign Exchange fame), has made another fantastic hip hop album. But he didn't do it alone. Providing the vocals for Time Line is Texas emcee Kay, a member of The Foundation. I found out about Kay by visiting FWMJ's rappersiknow.com, which is a site I recommend for ANY hip hop fan. 

Time Line is slow, fast, emotional, fun, and nearly flawless. Most importantly, it's a collection of stories. And each story reels you in, demanding you put it on repeat. The guest list does not shout fame and fortune, instead, it's  a team of role players perfectly suited for their guest appearances. The return of Chip Fu. The ferocity of Oh No. And the dreamy, floating  vocals of The Luv Bugz, perfect for Nicolay's outer-space beats.

You could call Time Line a filler album before the new Foreign Exchange drops. But from what I've heard off the new FE, they're two completely different compositions. 

Time Line moved back to February 19th release in US. Explanation here.
But you can still cop it on iTunes with an exclusive bonus cut this Tuesday!

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