2.26.08: FF 006 Wrap-Up

Since I didn't make a preview post, I'm go ahead and TALK ABOUT IT.

There were no guests tonight. Straight talk and music. We did have a two new students come through, Sade and Benson. Well, Benson been around. In fact, that muhfucka won't leave us ALONE.

We played new tracks from Illa J, Wale, Blu, Erykah Badu, Pete Rock, Nicolay & Kay, and Common. 
Benson debuted a new segment called (*ducks*) "Crank It or Spank It", much like "Hate It or Love It." We'll play one to two tracks each week (time-permitting) and have y'all get back to us on whether you'd crank it or spank it. We'll post the songs up on the blog after the show and y'all can get to commenting. If y'all wanna crank that shit, we'll play it again. If not, get it the FOH.

Next week: Check for Che Grand to stop by the studio. Also, Boston area-emcee Reks phones in with Nyadenya.
And we might actually have a 3-hour show.

P.S. I am NOT providing links for the new Wale/Bun B track. LOL but I encourage y'all to perform a Google search because you won't find that shit ANYWHERE. The boss has the game on lockdown! (By the way, the track you may have already downloaded is NOT the finished version)

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