2.1.08: Coultrain - The Adventures of Seymour Liberty

Not John, Not Alice; It's Simply Coultrain

Every once in awhile, you get a little headstart on the rest of the pack. In the case of new music, you have this great feeling when you hear an album you know is phenomenal, but people haven't caught on yet. 

So I was very pleased when I recieved Coultrain's The Adventures of Seymour Liberty in the mail yesterday (Dusty Groove, $6.99!). A few people told me I needed this album, and they were right on point. He's an R&B dude down with the Bling47 crew, and while he's not exactly D'Angelo, he's definitely an extraordinary musician in his own right. 

The soul out this album is all over the place; you feel spacey sounds from the future and vintage licks from the past. It's unique, brand new, and a must-have disc from this up and coming singer outta St. Louis. Ima leave you with my favorite track, (although "Lilac Tree" comes in a very close second).

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