UPDATE: The 930 Club Review

I'd just like to clear up a few things. Almost a month ago I posted my very informal review of Lupe Fiasco's Washington, DC tour stop right here on the blog. If you follow that link now, you may notice something different. 

I was sick in bed and ending up taking a few shots at local DC emcee Reemstarr. NOW, before all y'all put me on blast again (please, read the comments), I posted my hateful remarks without actually listening to any of Reem's RECORDED tracks. So, I changed the post.

I actually JUST discovered the comments and followed Reem's comment over to his myspace where he let his fans read it. GOOD! More visitors to the site. No, but on the real, it's 4:15 in the morning and I took a study break to find this. Yes, I'm a college student with a very picky taste, (look, I don't ever plan to work for Pitchfork, so ease up), and I jumped to conclusions. So bottom line, I took 45 minutes outta my precious midterm study time to fix it! I hate beef! I want to support all DC hip hop, y'all need to blow!

I also invited Reem into the studio so we can ultimately make peace. Hopefully that happens. Until then, head on over to his myspace and peep his tracks.

Oh, and can y'all ignore my grammatical incorrectness? It's a fucking blog not The New York Times Arts Section! 


  1. the man has a point here.
    EASE UP people!
    PS: an opinion is not a fact and therefore cannot be wrong as long as all facts presented therein are, "in fact", correct.

  2. more page views.

    end of story.

    and the grammar? please.