2.20.08: day.break 2.0

From the Myspace: "Today's the day."

Hey! Important announcement: FF alum Muhsinah's new album day.break 2.0 is available today! I woke up this morning thinking, "self, what's so special about today?" And then I logged onto MS and the answer was staring right back at me! Anyway, maybe you're one of the cool kids who bought day.break when it first dropped back in November of last year. So what's different?

* Remastered Versions of All Songs
* 2 New Tracks (Not on the Web Exclusive)
* Extended Intro Track
* New Beat Snippets/Interludes
* Bonus Hidden Remix
* Song Lyrics & Liner Notes
* Eco-Friendly packaging
* & Personal Autographed!!!

So get your Paypal on and go cop it on the website. I'm about to order a copy for myself. 

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