6.23.08: Praverb - Center of Attention

Do I usually listen to "religious" hip-hop? God no! (oops) Christian music, particularly of the hip-hop sub-genre, tends to get tossed aside amidst the gun-totting, white-slanging street rappers clouding the game. When VA rapper Praverb first got in touch with me, I had no idea he was a "holy" rapper. Even after we played his remix of Little Brother's "Dreams" on our short-lived Crank It or Spank It segment (whaddup Benson?!), I assumed he was just a regular, dope emcee. 

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Pra dropped a consistent, satisfactory full-length album with Center of Attention. His thought-provoking themes transcend the present-day hip-hop "standards" and Pra leaves the listener feeling refreshed with his old-fashioned spoken word. This is only the beginning for this aspiring artist. While there are some low points and weaknesses that may keep Praverb from reaching a larger audience, I'd like to say that I was here for mostly-impressive debut. Highlights include "Represent," "Dead 2 Sin," and "I Grind, You Grind." Also included is a new non-album track called "The King," which has been a part of my prestigious lawn-mowing soundtrack (I'll tell that story another day) over the past week.

Buy Praverb's Center of Attention on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, or Rhapsody. 

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