DOWNLOAD: Nappy Roots - Cookout Muzik (Southern Smoke)

Let me tell it to you straight for a minute. 

I've been in one of those moods this week, you know, the "fuck hip hop" moods, where you sorta just wanna throw your hard drive out the window. My dude Hi-Fi knows all about this...I think I can count at least 5 instances over the past year where I've asked him about a new album and he's replied with "what the fuck Jamie, I don't listen to hip hop anymore." Oh. whaddup Wiggidies Crew?

So to get myself out the funk, I decided to give this brand new Nappy Roots mixtape some play on my iPod. Presented by Southern Smoke via DJ Smallz and Greg Street, Cookout Muzik is even hotter than the grill on the cover. Fish Scales, Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, and Big V. helped pull me into the hip hop game with their singles "Aw Naww" and "Po Folks," so I gotta pay my respect to these southern innovators. 

Download the mixtape in its entirety (with new tags) below, and check out  two new singles off Nappy Roots' new album, The Humdinger, due out on August 5th. 

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