MP3: The ELs - Live @ 89.3FM WPFW

Long story short I was over at Zo(!)'s crib right before I left DC and after I got an exclusive listen to the hottest EP of the summer (tied with TM's The Bridge), Zo! threw on some live radio ish with DC's finest hip hop jam band. The ELs consist of Asheru, Slimkat78, Mr. Hu, kush, and Zo! In my opinion, these guys plus Wale and Low Budget are the most talented (best) musicians in DC among all genres. 

Anyway, The ELs have played live on Blackademics, WPFW's premier hip hop radio show, three times. Here's two of those performances, each just over an hour long and jam-packed with dope hip-hop covers and freestyles. As far as Zo! goes, we'll have some more info on the aforementioned 80s EP very soon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I found the third one! Featured guests: Cool Cee Brown, Kev Brown, and Tabi BonneyHi Reemstarr! Shout out to Ill Street Grooves, I def. like what y'all are doing...

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