INTERVIEW: Southeast Slim

And another one! You can find my newest interview over at elitaste, featuring DC rapper and Wale cohort Southeast Slim. Not many people outside of the DMV know about Slim, so now is your opportunity to get familiar. Just a side note before we begin: Slim produced two of Wale's biggest hits; "Dig Dug" and "Breakdown."

For those who don’t know much about DC, describe the city’s Southeast section as best as you can.
The Southeast is funny. Most people that live in the Southeast don’t even know about…like when I went to school, it tripped me out when I realized that people from New York talk just like people from New York Undercover. I didn’t even now about the other world outside. I didn’t even start traveling until I was 18; I was real close-minded about everything and I thought Southeast was it. Even going uptown [in D.C.] was too far. I grew up on 1300th block Morris Road. The Southeast keeps you on your toes, you run into just about everything around there.

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