VIDEO: Murs Trailer x Reks - Money On The Ave

I just got into DC but they won't let me in my dorm unless I pay $105 for an early move-in (the fuck?) And to top it off, I'm in a hotel with a very low internet connection which means I won't be able to upload the Zo! podcast from last December. Instead, today's only post can be nicknamed the "copy-and-paste" post for its simplicity and easiness. It doesn't mean, however, that it's not dope. 

First we've got the trailer for the "political" DVD that will come packaged with Murs' major-label debut, Murs For President. That's a no-brainer purchase, btw. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Murs if you haven't already.

And after that we've got another new video from the homie Reks. (I left New England this morning, but Massachusetts stand up!) Whoever said low-budget videos don't count for shit hasn't seen the Showoff crew at work. And the Doc x MJ shirt Skyzoo is rocking? I've got that joint in black. 

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