PODCAST: Wale on FF 9.28.07

I mentioned on Sunday that in anticipation of the new season of Funkadelic Freestyles, we're going back in time and reposting a few of the interviews we did in 07-08. A year ago, it seemed like sucha big deal that I was meeting a semi-famous rapper and interviewing him on the radio. So you might pick up on a few nervous slips, but remember that this was my first interview alongside The Great White Mark, who passed down the FF name to me when he graduated early last December. And for all you Wale fans out there...wow, you're gonna really enjoy this. This is before the Interscope deal, before the Rock The Bells tour, and before the State Prop. alliance. Plus there's an exclusive freestyle at the end. We'll be back with some more throwback podcasts tomorrow; be sure to check back for The Great White Mark's last show featuring DC producer Zo!

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