INTERVIEW: Tabi Bonney

Over at elitaste, DW posted another one of my interviews, this time featuring Tabi Bonney. One of DC's other famous guys, (what, you don't remember this video all over MTV?), took a few minutes out of his schedule to discuss his new album, his buddy Wale, and his move to L.A. Check out the full piece at the bottom!

We heard that incredible snippet of “Bonified” on Wale’s “100 Miles and Runnin” mixtape. Are we ever going to hear a full version, and have you two found the time to work on any other collaborations?

Yeah, he’s actually going to be on my new album, which is coming out this fall. I should hopefully be on his major label release. And y’all might see a joint album together, almost like a Blackstar album between the two of us, like a Mos Def and Talib [Kweli]. I’ve never been one for the mixtapes, but I might do one and put “Bonified” on that.

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