MP3: Camp Lo - Regulate (feat. Yahzarah)

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I'm sick and I'm lying in bed feeling completely unmotivated. I'm trying to make it out to the Foreign Exchange show tonight in DC at The Black Cat, but the fact that I have a severe case of the spins without alcohol may or may not hold me back. Believe it or not, I'm posting again...although you probably won't see much content next week because of the three midterms I have to take before going home for a week. Once I'm home (March 13th), the posting will be on a hundred get it. I felt compelled to post this because (1) it's produced by Apple Juice Kid, (2) Camp Lo has the new Stone and Rob: Caught on Tape mixtape coming out on March 24th, (3) and because it features the wonderful Yahzarah, who will be performing with Phonte and Nicolay tonight here in the district. Enjoy, my friends; this is a MONSTER record. Shouts to the NMC for the laink.

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