DOWNLOAD: AB The Producer - Producer's Credit (mixtape)

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Straight from the SE of Washington, DC, Studio 43 brings us AB The Producer's Producer's Credit, the new mixtape featuring the likes of Wale, Raheem DeVaughn, RAtheMC, & TNT. Also featuring the street single, "Go Hard," featuring X.O., Pro'Verb, & Lyriciss - of which you'll see a music video very soon. I've got a feeling that this tape is about to get a lot of attention...

1. Credit (Yung Mizzle)
2. Kenny Burns Speaks
3. W On The Fitted (TNT feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Wale)
4. Raheem DeVaughn Speaks
5. Go Hard (X.O., Pro'Verb, & Lyriciss)
6. Stadium Status (Marky)
7. Shout (AB The Producer)
8. One Million Miles (RAtheMC feat. Ihsan)
9. Appeal (AB The Producer)
10. Rider Musik (Ruq feat. Tre of UCB)
11. Clash (AB The Producer feat. Nando McFlyy.)
12. Square 1 (AB The Producer)
13. AB Speaks on Auto Tune
14. Stussy On My Back (AB The Producer)
14. AB The Pro Speaks
16. Music Take Control (Mouse & Cayan)

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