MP3: Q-Tip - We Fight, We Love (Remix feat. Kanye West & Consequence)

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You can call me late or whatever, but that's not really important to me anymore with all the other blogs we "compete" with (chuckle). This song is just vital, simply put. Consider the whole hip-hop needing an IV analogy when you play this joint; Kanye ISN'T auto-tuning, Consequence is spitting, and the truth is Tip made one of the best albums of last year. I can't guarantee that this little remix is the start of a turnaround in the mainstream, (yes, I know...Asher, Charles, and Cudi are turning heads, but they're still "indie"), but it's definitely a good move. Shouts to the NMC who personally received an email from Q-Tip containing the MP3. 

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