MP3: N.A.S.A. - The Mayor (feat. Ghostface Killah, The Cool Kids, Scarface, & DJ AM)

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So in case any of you guys were wondering, this is not jben.ok
, world famous host of Funkadelic Freestyles. Making my blogging debut, this is Akhil, aka The Brown Wonda, aka the random guy who reads the news on the show. For my first blog I decided to write a little something on this album I came across a little while ago. I don't know how many of you guys are on okayplayer, I myself have kinda slowed down on the boards, but last week I decided to go on and I came across a review of this album The Spirit of Apollo by these two Cali DJ's, together called N.A.S.A. The album features over 40 guests, with everyone from Method Man to Scarface to The Pharcyde. This particular cut is especially dope, hope you guys enjoy it.

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