DOWNLOAD: Benji - Same S#!* Different Day

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Today's the day - 4/20 and my birthday. To me it's rather uneventful seeing as that I had a quiz this morning and I'll have a review session this afternoon, but to the rest of y'all, have fun celebrating. Before the Real Mango Juice mixtape drops this afternoon and DJ MAF drops his Duty Free EP, Benji decided to bring y'all his first solo album early and FREE. Same S#!* Different Day is actually an almixtapbum, sponsored by Rocksmith Clothing. Take a listen and kick back; tracklist below.

1. Empire
2. In The Bed (feat. Mary)
3. 9 To 5
4. Right Now
5. D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)
6. Get That Paper
7. Where I'm From (Washington, D.C.)
8. 2 Chill
9. The Bartender Story Pt. 1
10. N.B.H. (Ni**as Be Hatin)
11. The Bartender Story Pt. 2
12. It's Gotta Be The Shoes (feat. Toney Nightmare and Paid_($)_Paul)
13. Who's Next...? (feat. Toney Nightmare and Mr. Impact)

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