VIDEO: Wale - The Attention Deficit Tour in Maine Pt. 1

Last weekend, I ventured up to my home state of Maine with my WRGW Radio coworker dj raph for two shows on Wale's Attention: Deficit Tour. It wasn't my first time seeing Wale's live show, but it's definitely been awhile since I've seen him perform. It's probably pretty important to mention that we had full-access to Wale and UCB and their tour bus; providing y'all with exclusive footage on behalf of elitaste and Funkadelic Freestyles.

In part one, check out behind the scenes from the bus, Colin Munroe performing "Will I Stay," and a montage of hits from the DC ambassador. My apologies for the delay; my computer broke so I had to upload everything on raph's joint. Stay tuned for part two on Monday.

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