MP3: Raheem DeVaughn, yU, Laelo Hood, Oddisee, Tabi Bonney, Grizz, & Draus - Clock's Tickin'

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We're back off of hiatus featuring spectacular sounds from the DMV's top talent with a project that literally came out of nowhere. Early this morning, my good friend Spirit Equality tweeted this all-star posse cut featuring yU from Diamond District, the political emcee Laelo Hood, Oddisee from Diamond District, the incomparable Tabi Bonney, Grizz from The PackageDraus from Wasteland Mob, and the R&B superstar Raheem DeVaughn on the hook. Choppe Chop laced the beat and Theory from The Package laid down the final mixing. I'm super excited about this one - and you should be, too. Let's hope we see more projects like this in the future.

UPDATE: I changed the post title to give equal billing to all the artists (it's not Grizz's song, per say). Shouts to Spirit who cleared it up as he's dubbed the team "The Bum Rush The Boards All Stars." 


  1. thanks for posting this, we just need you to change how the song is credited. maybe i miscommunicated somehow when i sent you the link, but this is a posse cut with equal billing. there was no headliner. I guess you could call it "Bum Rush The Boards All Stars feat. Raheem Devaughn, YU, Laelo Hood, Oddisee, Tabi Bonney, Grizz and Draus" (the order of appearance on the track, if memory serves). Thanks for always supporting the DMV, Jamie B!!!!!!!

    ps: after you change the billing you can delete this comment because it won't make sense any more. LOL.

    DMV Love,

    Spirit Equality

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  3. also, big up to rbi for putting the whole thing together and to laelo hood for bringing draus into the fold, who absolutely smashed the final verse. hope these brothers do more joints together!

    dmv love,

    spirit equality