7.17.08: (Hear)ing Double

Wale x UCB 7.13.08 @ SOBs NYC

"Ain't no one listen to Funkadelic Freestyles anyway!" It's not like I've actually heard that statement before (at least not to my face, lol), but I sorta feel like someone might throw that my way after hearing this new Wale/Young Chris collab. To keep the story short, the first verse on this "Whole Time" joint is the same verse Wale spit on our radio show all the way back in September of last year. I've included the newest record and the 9.07 "freestyle" over the very popular "Oh No" beat, plus a brand new track off Rhymefest's forthcoming album El Che, featuring the DC ambassador.  Hi Dan, Shake, and Andrew...without them y'all wouldn't have these links.

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